Amenities That Enhance The Appeal Of A Holiday Cottage

Whether you are looking for a place to stay or you are offering specific amenities, you can find out what makes a stay more comfortable in a cottage home. Indeed, hoteliers are working at making their own properties cosier as holiday cottage bookings are on the rise. Hotels mimic some of the amenities offered by private homes by featuring amenities such as lounges, nooks, and intimate dining experiences.

Increasing Cottage Bookings

Property owners of cottages are also seeking for ways to make their holiday escape more attractive. According to research, many holiday homes stand to make quite a bit of money in the future. For example, a two-bedroom cottage can provide a landlord with as much as £10,000 or more in extra income. Also, cottage owners can boost their income with the tax relief that is provided for these kinds of properties.

An Attractive Price

Today’s cottage owners are also seeing an increase in bookings because of the prices they charge per night. Often, they ask for less money for a night’s stay than a comparably sized hotel property. This fact alone makes a holiday cottage an enticing place to stay. As the quality of holiday-type rentals continues to escalate, the owners will also work at remaining competitive.

Enhancing the Sleeping Experience

Staying competitive means enhancing the sleeping experience. If you are a cottage owner, let Johnsons Stalbridge provide ideas on how to boost the appeal of your holiday cottage. You can improve a guest’s experience by enhancing the quality of your mattresses and linens. You may also want to use your property to host family gatherings or events. If you can manage to add this amenity, you can use a local catering business to support this service.

The Little Things Count

In a hospitality venue, all the little things count. That is why hotel owners regularly fit out their properties with amenities such as comfortable robes or slippers and fruit or gift baskets. If you own a holiday cottage, you want to make sure you add these kinds of creature comforts.

Increasing Your Level of Service

If you use a linen service, you can also upgrade your level of service. Because the minimum subscription requirements are normally low, customers only need to achieve a weekly invoiced amount of about £30. You don’t have to have that many rooms to meet this goal.

When choosing a linen service, make sure their services are designed to adapt and respond to your operational requirements. To do this, a company should begin by establishing a stock pool. It then should follow up the next week and see how much linen you have used, taking the used stock and replacing it with clean stock. When this is done, you only pay for the service that is required weekly. If the weekly use reaches the limit of the stock pool, then the allotment can be enlarged to meet your linen demands.

Fortunately, properties of any size can take advantage of linen services, which is why the lower limits for service are considered reasonable. After all, adapting your stock level is a simple process. That way, you can maintain your small operation without difficulty. You can scale up or scale down, depending on your bookings and current requirements.

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