An Exemplary Leader In The Beauty Business Of USA

William Lauder is one of the most inspiring modern corporate leaders in the USA today. He is currently the Executive Chairman and the Chairman of one of the most popular beauty companies in the nation The Estee Lauder Companies. He is the Chairman of its Board Of Directors too. The Estee Lauder Companies are pioneers in the skin care market. They manufacture makeup, hair care and skincare products.

William Lauder’s parents are Evelyn and Leonard A Lauder. He is the grandson of the founder of the Estee Lauder Company- Mrs Estee Lauder. His father is a Jew with origins from Hungary and Czechoslovakia. His mother is a Jew from Austria. William Lauder completed his education from the Wharton School under the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated with a B.S in Economics in the year 1983.

William took over the reins of this popular beauty company on July 1st 2004. He was the Chief Executive Officer of The Estee Lauder Company at that time. William Lauder was in the past the Chief Operating Officer of The Estee Lauder Company in 2003. William played a vital role in leading and overseeing the global operations of the Company at that time.

Many of the Company’s vital functions like research and development, manufacturing and human resources along with the retail store operations were managed by him. He was a major asset in bringing in development for the international global market. He was responsible for supervising nine of the organization’s specialty brands. They included Aveda, Bobbi Brown and Prescriptives. His credentials in the past were also impressive. He was the Group President of the Estee Lauder Companies and President of Clinique Worldwide. During his tenure at Clinique, he successfully led the global business and was commended for his leadership skills.

William Lauder is a hardworking leader and this helped him to expand the company globally. His effective motivation led the Company to expand rapidly in the retail store line of business. This also included the governance and the management of reputed freestanding stores that housed the brands of MAC, Origina and Aveda. He was also an effective director of the Company’s online operations. This also included the joint venture with Clarins and Chanel. William Lauder is an inspiring leader and has helped in the progress of all the companies he has been associated with. Employees look up to him and he is indeed an inspiring name in modern times today!