An Experience You Will Never Forget

Sell your car the easy way – go online it really is the way forward.
Online buying and selling really is taking over the world and this is none more evident than in the number of opportunities there are to sell a vehicle.  Any vehicle at that; choose between make, model, age, value and condition – fill your boots ladies and gentlemen!
The old fashioned way, means and methods such as using trade magazines, stickers in the proverbial car window and adverts in newsagents and post offices was the way forward, but boy are they flawed.

I mean do you really want your phone number and/or e-mail address splashed everywhere for all and sundry to see? Well, I don’t think so.  As for trade magazines and journals forget it, if for no other reason than the lorry load of calls you get “post-sale” (if you’re lucky enough to sell that is), at any time of the morning, day or night to have to tell “Liam from Great Baddow” “sorry mate it’s sold”.
And then we come onto the real gripe, the day arrives, the car is for sale, the call is received (usually somewhere around 7am on a Sunday morning, thank you very much for that) and a viewing is arranged.  Then they arrive, people from all walks of life descendant on your property (therefore knowing where you live) and you have the pleasure of letting other peoples unruly children run amok will you haggle with their parents over just £25.
Then comes the best part of all, the test drive, you get in the car with the dad whilst the mum and kids stay behind in the company of your not so delighted partner and, I can tell you, it’s heart in mouth time as you are unwittingly taken out on the open road with one eye on their conspicuous driving and your thought constantly wondering back to just what you have left behind.
Yes this might be a cynical point of view, and yes I am sure it has worked out well for loads of people up and down the country in the past. However, having seen just how easy it is (ok a little bravery and patience is required, but isn’t it always in circumstances like this) to venture into the online sphere – I for one am all for it, and that says something as I am old school, change scares me. However, I reckon this is still something you really should consider.
James Cline writes on behalf of