An Inexpensive Way to Increase Loss Prevention

Let’s face it; nobody wants to be caught on camera, especially if they are about to commit a crime on your property. Businesses will often hire security guards or install expensive surveillance equipment. But there is a cheaper way to increase safety and help prevent acts of theft. By displaying Surveillance Signs outside and inside your place of business, would-be thieves will think twice before stealing from you, or picking your customer’s pockets.

Effective and inexpensive
Displaying video surveillance signs are highly effective methods for detouring criminal behavior. If people think they are being filmed, they will think twice before victimizing your place of business. To further give the impression that you have active surveillance equipment without investing thousands of dollars for the right gadgets, you can purchase decoy cameras that look like the real thing for little money. Think about it: when you see a video surveillance sign, what is the first thing you do? Our natural instinct is to look up and spot the cameras. Criminals will do the same thing. Imitation cameras can be purchased online for as little as $20 a piece.

According to Security World News, fake security cameras are very successful at deterring criminal activities on the premise that utilizes them. This source makes a good argument in advising people to buy fake cameras that look more realistic. Criminals only get smarter as they continue to commit crimes. Security World News writes that since a fake camera’s work it to only delude criminals, its appearance should be appropriate. In other words, it should have a metal exterior and a blinking light to make it look more realistic. Installing these dummy cameras is simple and only takes a minute. When a would-be thief sees your surveillance signs and cameras, they will surely change their plans and move on to another target.

Prevent vandalism
Vandalism is another crime that thousands of businesses fall prey to every year. If you live in an urban environment, your business is at even greater risk. Often, gang members or common vandals will spray paint or “tag” your walls, front door and windows. In some cases they will even break windows, smash exterior venting and cooling units, destroy exposed pipes and steal any copper piping you may have. By displaying video surveillance signs on the exterior walls of your business and installing a few fake security cameras, you will be giving vandals a reason to go destroy someone else’s property. For little money you can even buy cheap solar lighting panels to light up the areas of your business after dark where the surveillance signs and fake cameras are placed. These solar lights typically run under $100 and require no electricity to function. Instead of draining your utility bill, the sun’s rays will charge their cells during the daytime. At night simply activate them and they will shine just as bright as a light powered by electricity.

Protect your business
You don’t have to spend thousands to protect your business from criminal activities. By displaying a few video surveillance signs and some fake cameras, you will be spending next to nothing while getting a huge return on your minimal investment—the peace of mind knowing that your business is protected from potential loss and vandalism.