An Information Guide About Leukaemia Treatment?

An Information Guide About Leukaemia Treatment?

Till date the precise cause of leukaemia is not well documented. But experts feel that genetic conditions, viral infections, smoking etc. are some of the main reasons for the occurrence of this disorder. Patients who are prone to blood cancer suffer from chills, fever, weakness, fatigue, weight loss or headache to name a few symptoms.

In terms of diagnosis the doctors are going to order a complete count of the blood. To check out the abnormality the doctor would ask you for an examination of the different types of blood cells. Sometimes a bone marrow biopsy is also suggested. From the pelvic region you go on to remove the bone marrow and then you examine it for chromos abnormalities or cancer cells.

As far as the treatment of this disorder is concerned, it would depend upon the severity of the condition along with the type of leukaemia cells that is observed. Let us now explore some of the treatment options for the patients.

  • Chemotherapy– in the case of chemotherapy, you go on to employ specific type of drugs in order to remove cancer from a particular location. The treatment here does take place in cycles, where after one course of treatment you have a recovery cycle. The difficulty of this form of treatment is that some healthy cells are also destroyed in the process. Some form of side effects also emerge. In due course of time the normal cells go on to repair themselves as well.
  • Radiation– Though you cannot rate it to be primary form of cancer treatment, in certain cases it is put to use for treatment of cancer in the central nervous system or testicles. You may need it in terms of bone destruction as well. With the help of high radiation rays the cancer cells are destroyed and it prevents them from dividing further as well.
  • Transplant of bone marrow– one of the popular and best forms of treatments of cancer. You are going to undertake it with a few sessions of chemotherapy. It goes on to destroy all the cancer cells along with the healthy bone marrow. You are going to supply a replacement of the bone marrow that is going to produce blood cells that are healthy.
  • Surgery – at a certain point of time surgery may be the only option so that the spleen that is full of abnormal blood cells will be removed.

The cost of leukaemia treatment in India is rated to be among the lowest in the world. The quality of treatment you can compare with the best in the world. The main reason why the cost is low is because of the low exchange rate along with the labor cost being on the lesser side. Since most of the interaction takes place in the English language the patients tend to be at ease when interacting with the doctors.

It would be prudent on your part to tie up with a medical tourism company as they will guide you on how to go about the surgery.