An Interview With Your Wedding Photographer

Congratulations! You’ve finally managed to filter your list of wedding photographer candidates, and you’re stuck in making a choice between two equally-talented wedding photographers.

Looking for the right wedding photographer for your wedding can be so tedious, hard, and most of the time, frustrating. We know the process can get too long, because you want everything to be perfect—and photographs are such a big, big part of weddings that you of course would want to entrust them with the best in the business.

If you have trimmed your list your wedding photographer candidates to just two, or three, you’ve done a great job. Now, it’s time to choose—and here are some questions you may ask them in order for you to get a quick feel on what they are capable of doing and finally help you reach a final decision.

Question: What is your style?

While this may oftentimes be a difficult or a frustrating question to answer for any photographer, it allows you to get to know if the wedding photographer can create a shot that will suit your tastes. Different photographers have different personalities, and more often than not, this shows in their work. Styles vary as well—some may opt for traditional wedding photography, while others will go for a photojournalism effect. Make sure that you are comfortable with their photography styles, so that it will be easier for you to get your desired results.

Question: What camera would you be using during our wedding? Do you have other special equipment?

Of course, not everyone knows about photography. However technical these aspect may be, it’s always important that you know the equipment your wedding photographer will be using during your wedding. He should be able to explain his camera and equipment’s capabilities to you in a basic, simple way. This way you may know your options, as well as let you make special requests if his equipment is capable of it.

Question: Do you have an assistant who would be there on our wedding?

An assistant is important to a wedding photographer, because they make it easier for them to focus on the more important things during a wedding. Keep in mind that having an assistant may raise costs a little, but if you think that you can handle it, go for it. Your wedding photographer would thank you for it.

Question: Are you familiar with our wedding location?

A wedding photographer who have had prior experience shooting in your wedding location will get the upperhand, because he knows the ins and outs, the proper backdrops, the perfect photo spots, and lighting. If this isn’t the case, a professional will always check the place out before your big day in order to familiarise himself with the place.

Make up your mind!

Hopefully, these tips will help you make that important decision for your wedding. Good luck!
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