An Inviting Office Puts Customers In A Good Mood

If you have a waiting room of any sort where customers may spend some time, there is something important that you should remember. Most people do not like to wait. They are not going to be especially happy to spend time in that waiting room. This is even more true if they are waiting for a medical or dental procedure or waiting to deal with any unpleasant details. You already know that your customers may not be in the best of moods by the time they get called back from the waiting room. This is not necessarily the best way to do business. Wouldn’t it be better if your customers were actually in a good mood when they do business with you?
One of the ways that you can put customers in a better mood when they have to spend time in a waiting room would be to create a comfortable and inviting room itself. There are simply too many businesses that have rooms which are cold, unfeeling, and certainly not mood lifting. Why so many businesses choose to do this is not that clear, but it is not the best way to put your customers in a better mood. If you want to make sure your customers are happier to wait, then you need to step outside that office mold and redecorate your office waiting room. Here are some things to think about.

Color Matters
Many waiting rooms make use of neutral colors. However, neutral almost always equal bland and uninspiring. Boring colors do nothing to lift the spirits, so this is the first thing that you should change. If you want your customers in a better mood, then consider the following colors.

  • Shades of yellow are cheery and overall considered happy. Choosing a shade of yellow can certainly be mood lifting.
  • Shades of green often are mood lifting as well. Deep greens will warm up the room and make someone who is waiting feel more comfortable.
  • Earthy tones are a good way to keep things somewhat neutral without being drab and boring.

Design Elements Matter
Most office waiting rooms feel very cold because they use metal furnishings that are easy to keep clean and simple to purchase, however, sitting in a space with cold metal furnishings will not put a customer in a good mood. Before you buy seating, take the time to sit in it yourself. Is it comfortable? If not, then forget about it and move on. Choose furnishings that are upholstered. They will need more maintenance, but they are certainly more comfortable.
Look for other design elements that have a comfortable and peaceful feeling. A peaceful customer will certainly be a customer who will be in a better mood. Some of the elements to consider would be peaceful plants, wall fountains, and natural stone décor. Bringing elements of nature, like running water in the wall fountains and soft greens of the plants, is much more relaxing than a cold and empty room.
When your customers wait to meet with you or your employees, it would be a good idea to ensure that those customers are in a good mood. This is the best way to do business. Right now, your waiting room could have a big impact on the mood of your customers. A cold, boring and clinical room will not enhance the mood. Instead, a waiting room should be a combination of comfortable and peaceful. This is the best way to keep a customer happy, even if they do have to wait for a longer amount of time. Choosing the right design elements and colors can go a long way toward lifting a customer mood.
Polly Godwin is the owner of, a company specializing in water features, outdoor water fountains and more.