An Office Workers Struggle With Weight Loss

It’s likely that if you work in an office like me you will have most likely experienced a little weight gain.

I have been working behind a desk for the last 10 years, and believe me I have struggled with my weight. Before becoming a website designer I used to work I used to work in the building trade where I was constantly on the move shifting wheel barrows full of cement, moving stacks of bricks and mixing batches of plaster for our more skilled workers! As you can imagine this kind of work kept me trim and it was very difficult to put on weight! (I was only 20 years old though). I was a 14 stone muscular built builders labourer and proud of it too!

My breakfasts each day would usually consist of a trip to “Dorothy’s Cafe” where I would eat different types of greasy and fatty foods. At this time in my life this didn’t seem to matter what I ate I remained thin.

Also in my 20’s like most young guys in the UK I had discovered a liking for lager and cider, combined with the fatty food I would eat during the day time and the kebabs on a night out it’s safe to say looking back on things that my diet was poor to say the least.

Change of lifestyle needed

As I moved into the web industry my eating a drinking habits remained pretty much the same, after just 6 months I had gained 1stone in weight. I was eating and drinking the same as I ever did, and it was beginning to show!

After a year I had gone from a lean 14 stone to a chubby 15 stone 6… But still I didn’t do a thing about it, I didn’t care! I had just had a baby son and the job was going fantastically, money was good and life was great.

3 years into my new career and I was a scale busting 17stone, something had to change and fast!

The Weight Loss Struggle

And so began the struggle with losing weight. I was now 27 and 17stone, I began looking for ways to lose weight, being your typical bloke I thought I knew what to do, simply exercise more! This didn’t seemt o work as well as I intended because I was still eating the same old rubbish food. The next thing I did was look for a diet, not your weight watchers or slimming world diets, I found a “calorie shifting diet” online…

This was a rapid weight loss diet, it worked like a dream to start with I had lost 1stone in the first 4 weeks!! This was a very hard diet to stick to, portion sizes were very small and it would leave me feeling very tired and it gave me huge head aches. So I decided this wasn’t right for me either.

I cam off the diet and within 6 weeks I had gained 6lbs, I went back to my original idea of exercising more but eating healthier. I bought a mountain bike and began communting into the office every day on my bike. This along with the healthy food helped me lose weight, until I had a problem with my knee cartilage! Back to squre one!

This pattern went on for months, I spent £100’s on monthly gym memberships, I would lose weight and then come off the diet and the weight would go back on.

A New Approach

Just lately I bought myself some home gym equipment, I have began eating healthier again and I have also been reccomended an additional supplement. I have started using weight loss pills called Reduline 36. So far I have lost 6 lbs in 4 weeks, this is proving to be a gradual process but I am hopeful that this new supplement combined with my daily exercise and health eating will help me acheive my weight loss goals and win my struggle with losing weight.

Andy has been working in the web industry for over 10 years. And is currently working for the UK distributor of Reduline Weight Loss Pills.