Android Apps Development: Let’s Make An App Now!

Mobile apps are becoming an essential part in all sectors in particular business. As we are in the digital age, many companies have come up with website that talks well about their service or products. And now mobile apps have become a medium or tool to market their business. It is wise to go with this idea as the number of smart phone and mobile apps users are increasing day by day. 

Why you should make an Android App as of Business Strategy:

Developing mobile apps for a business strategy becomes a common as well as necessary incase of business growth. Availability of mobile app will let the users to stay connected with the service provider anytime in a easy and effective way. Find here some more facts about mobile ap development. Following are the few benefits for business people to have a mobile app:

  • Makes users to access your company anytime and anywhere
  • Social communication can be improved
  • Best way of advertising
  • Best customer support can be rendered

Why you should make an Android App as of user’s View:

As of a common man mobile apps are of great help in performing actions in a better way than ever. Also apps are intended to be personal. For those who don’t like people looking at their desktop screen mobile apps would be of great help as you can keep it solely for your personal purpose. Some people say that the apps in their phone are like an extension to themselves.

There are also certain other reasons which takes an important part in apps development. Whatever the reason may be while developing an app we should be clear about why we make that app and whom we are focusing at?? End of the day it is also important to look at the reviews being received for your work. No matter it is good or bad, take in a positive way which can help you in improvising your work. For developers there are many tutorials available online through which they can learn more about Android apps development. If you are not into coding side then you can go for help from developers team who are their in the market to give the shape to your app idea.

As of development process people get start with Emulator which is the software that runs in PC and gives you the visibility as like an Android phone. However there are certain scenarios where Emulator also fails. The best solution for this would be opting to Eclipse. It is the most popular base help for most of the beginners and recommendable too. IT is also to be noted that most of the Android tutorials available on line uses this. Eclipse being the best option for most successful android developers , it is good to go with Eclipse and give shape to your app idea.

Preparation Session:

It is very important to prepare a clear idea about your app functionalities. You must known how many screens you are planning to implement with your app and about the navigation. The path that users to traverse should be quite easy enough so that they find it simple about handling. Also buttons and dialog boxes also plays an important role in preparation part of android apps development. Just figure out all these steps in a paper and that could build the further steps in app developing. Work hard on graphic design of your app that decides the look of your app in actual.

Coding Solution:

If you are clear about the app idea then comes coding section. Even for this there are help for you online. You can go for android application developer community where each and every android queries would be sorted out. The official site for android developers is there which works well for the coding part.

Advertisements in your App:

It is good enough to include relevant ads in your app just be remembered that should be relevant. Advertisements that are unrelated to the app functionality would definitely makes users to get out of your app. For this you will need to download Ad supplier SDK to interpret with your app. Be clear at one point that all the apps are not suitable for ads. Only the apt one goes with best ads.

Testing your App:

Once you are done with the app development process go for a through test on your app and analyze each and every functionality of the app. It is always good to let a third person to test your app through which a better analysis can be done. Go for different testing steps so that each and every detailing of the app can be tested out. The other factors that needs to be noticed is battery consumption, memory usage. An user should find your app best as per these factors which are success factors as well.

Publishing your Android App:

Once your done with android apps development then comes the publishing purpose. All you need to do is create a developer profile in Android market and proceed with the app publishing purpose. If you are in idea of selling your app then come with the pricing details.

Marketing your App:

A perfect marketing strategy would be the solution for app success. Social networking is the best solution to implement the same. Submit your app in android focused websites to review your work. Create a video about your app. Press release about the app is also a wise step in marketing your app. Hear to the feedback about your app and turn it into positive note by working on it.