Android As Google’s Smartphone Platform

What do you known about Android?

Android is an Operating system which is being used by Google. It was originally released in September, 2008. Other versions like 4.1 Jelly Bean were recently released in June, 2012. This is basically a mobile device operating system which is based on the use of Linux. The system is normally used on tablet computers and smart phones. Google Company led several companies under the name Open Handset Alliance to develop this operating system. The contributing companies were over 80 and specialized in telecommunication services, hardware and software. This large number of Android software developers makes sure of Java in offering the maintenance and other advanced developments as required by Google from time to time.

How do the final consumers get access to Android applications?

As an end user, you can download the mobile applications from Google Play. This is an online store which is wholly run by Google. Usually, there are very many applications for you on this online store. The downloads can also be downloaded from third parties. To illustrate this in 2011 alone, there were a half a million applications available for mobile devises supported by Android. Out of these applications, there were 10 billion downloads.

Due to these cumulative efforts, Android has been the leading smart phone platform with 59 per cent share of the market globally. These applications are leading the rest of the smart phone market because of their nature of being transmitted on many carrier operating systems and multiple channels.

Who has the responsibility of maintaining Android?

Open Handset Alliance led by Google was commissioned to form open standards to be used by mobile devices. There are 85 other companies which form this Alliance. Motorola, Samsung Electronics, Intel, T-Mobile among others piled their efforts to make the Android mobile applications. These companies make sure that their end users enjoy their use of Android applications. These competent developers make sure that their programs are compatible with various other programs.

The Features of Android

Android is capable of supporting the various technologies of connectivity. This includes CDMA, EDGE, GSM, UMTS, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and Bluetooth among others.

In terms of text messaging, the application supports SMS and MMS. There is a feature of supporting multiple languages.

The Android is known to support video calling through Google talk or via UMTS as is the case with Samsung Galaxy. Their external storage is equally taken care of through the MicroSD slots. The Android devices have been a great success globally. They sold 400 million devices by 27th June, 2012.

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