Annum of Excellence in Adaptive Learning Marked By McGraw Hill Education at EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2012

McGraw Hill Education

In education technology, adaptive learning made its mark in 2012. McGraw Hill Education was one of the first learning centers to accept the adaptive mode of education. It displayed its acknowledgement in adaptive learning, with the introduction of LearnSmart personalized digital tutor in 2009. The system works with accordance to the individual learning needs; it not only facilitates a learning pathway but also issues particular interests of the student users. When a user starts using LearnSmart, he/she will become more familiar with its usage as well as the system assesses the earning interests and skills of the student in a better way.

McGraw Hill Education is supposed to highlight the technology of LearnSmart at the EDUCAUSE Conference. The system completely focuses on curving out an individual learning pathway of the user. It is targeted at improving the overall learning atmosphere of the user. This digitalized adaptive learning technology will also be helpful in determine the basic knowledge guidelines of the students, prior attempting to continue higher studies in the same sphere. With an image-realistic virtual lab environment, the system targets scientific exploration of the subject in cooperation of the student’s skills.

Brian Kibby, the president of McGraw Hill Education says the LearnSmart has emerged as the strongest and most widely accepted adaptive learning technology in the last three years. Reportedly, LearnSmart has reached one million students and the association is proud of the fact that one million students have utilized this technology to mark a remarkable improvement in the field of adaptive learning and have also been benefitted by it. McGraw Hill Education has proved that LearnSmart has been active in improving the skills and performance of its users. It has evidentially claimed that LearnSmart has helped users turn C students to B and B students to A.

LearnSmart has been overall effective in improving the performance of students; this has not only been reported through research or student users but also by several educational organizations, who recommended their students to use the device. LearnSmart has noted 10,000 download of its mobile application and 70,000 download of the original software. Post previewing the functionality of this device at EDUCAUSE Conference, the technology will observe a hike in its promotion and acceptance. At EDUCAUSE Conference, McGraw’s other adaptive educational tactics are to be highlighted, in combination with LearnSmart.

McGraw Hill Education continues with its invention and exploration of new models of LearnSmart, so that students can access it easily; the device is available at an affordable price, which has resulted in its increased acceptance and downloads among the students mass. McGraw Hill Education has partnered with Chegg, a renowned academic hub, to distribute the LearnSmart devices as a standalone product over its website. Previously, the organization marked the limited access of the system within educational centers, but from now onwards, it will be available to students individually, at a starting price of $24.99. It is available in both original and mobile version, with minimal differentiation of features.