Apple iPad Air 2 Impression: The Design Overview

Apple iPad Air 2 Impression: The Design Overview

Once we could not think of thin notebook laptops, and now most smartphones and tablets are powerful than computers. One of the revolutions in consumer electronics assumed iPad, which began the era of massive tablets. There are many variants of these pieces, but Apple iPad still holds primacy in virtually all categories including tablets. But its development has stopped a year or two ago. Since then Apple has come up with new series iPad Air. And now it has introduced the iPad Air 2, which recently presented at the Apple Event October 2014.  Let’s look at the novelty and learn more.


IPad Air 2 is slightly thinner and slimmer 1.4 mm. Pulling out of the box and look at the new gadget you think, “Well, yes, thinner, even Slimmer to iPhone 6, Cool. In the box with iPad, nothing has been added, and nothing was missing including iPad Air 2 tablet, Lightning-cable, charger and paper. Initial configuration of device is still simple and does not take more than 5 minutes. If you have been to iPad Air, then the new can be restored from a backup and transfer will be as convenient as possible. The only thing that has changed is to add a setting TouchID. As for the rest, no revolutions, it is still iPad and nothing special when you would hold it for first time.


iPad Air 2 is not much different from the first Air. There is no reason to describe the appearance of last year’s device, just focus on the most significant changes that have occurred in the current model. They are quite a bit and they are more cosmetic.

Let’s start with the possible colors for the body, to which was added Gold. So now there are three available colors in iPad Air 2 – Space Gray, Silver and Gold, all as the current line iPhone. Space Gray is the most attractive. Moreover, the new iPad Air has cons – on a black frame around the display are clearly visible fingerprints, while on the other two models and a white frame for signs of use can’t be seen.

No doubt, the body became thinner; iPad is now thinner than the iPhone! But the difference is not so critical in design as compare to last generation iPad Air, to somehow have a strong impact on operating experience. So now iPad Air thickness is not 7.5, and 6.1 mm. Weight decreased by 32 grams, which also does not affect the use.

Further detail, disappeared the slider switch between sound or display orientation and volume buttons slightly changed appearance. Many have suggested it happened because of the thickness of the body, but actually the reason is something different. Back in the Home button appeared a fingerprint reader and also the speaker holes changed.

Well, there are minute changes in the design if we ignore the thickness and weight. iPad Air 2 is the exact copy of iPad Air. Well it still looks cool. If you have notice, Apple MacBook Air design is same since ages because it is perfect. Who knows, if Apple will keep the iPad Air design similar in upcoming generations as Apple iPad Air 3 too.