Apple iPhone 7 Would Run iOS 9: Rumors & Specs

iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 is the new version iPhone in the upcoming market and moreover, it would run with the new operating system such as the version 9, where this operation would support the new version hardware in the Apple iPhone.  It would have the screen size as 4.7 inches, and also it would have the very thin profile, aluminum chassis with the rounded shape. The Apple iPhone 7 could be expected in three different colors, like slate gray, gold and then the silver color.


This iPhone might have the A9 processor in which processor runs faster than the previous version processor and also the M9 processor would combine with this A9 processor.  It might be the reason why the iPhone 7 is faster.  One can expect the better camera improvements and the resolution of this iPhone would have the high range. It would call the high resolution, speed as the specification in camera. These are the major changes, which would be expected, in upcoming iPhone. The designers of this iPhone mobile have introduced the new techniques in the battery.  This new technology could not be found in the previous version of iPhone series.  The designers are planning to update that new technology into the upcoming iPhone that is the apple iPhone 7.  The new technology is that using the wireless technology would charge the mobile.  These new features and new invention methods could be expected with this Apple iPhone 7. This would run with the highly featured oriented operating system such as the iOS 9. This apple iPhone would include several new specifications which are, Apple iOS 9 with iCloud, where the network supporter range is up to 4 GLTE, front end camera with five mega pixels, the read only memory space would be available in the range of LPDDR 4. This would include another new technology in the camera side where this iPhone would have the rear camera with 20 MP with Exmor RS IMX230 finger point and sensor, which would use 4k resolutions using the HDR image technology.

Rumors of Apple iPhone 7

This iPhone has the two different rumors that are the touch ID display and the reversible USB charger. These rumors are speeded by the Apple patent. The rumors in Apple iPhone 7 touches ID is that, the sensor is generally going to be placed under the home button, which would be built-in to all display, and this would eliminate the requirements of the home button and could also create the room for the largest display size. These changes have occurred without enlarging the entire size of the iPhone mobile. The USB charger appeared on this new mobile would come with the new technique charger; you could connect the lightning connector to one end of the mobile where the other end could be connected with this reversible connector. This would have the new 2A adapter power and this is specially made for these apple iPhone 7 devices. The release date of this mobile is still in process.