Apple Removes Blockchain, The Last Remaining Bitcoin Wallet App From Its App Store

Apple Removes Blockchain, The Last Remaining Bitcoin Wallet App From Its App Store

Apple And Blockchain Part Ways As The Last Serving Bitcoin App Will No More Grace Apple Stores

In what can be termed as a severe twist to the viability associated with virtual currency tool Bitcoin, Apple has shunned Blockchain from entering the transaction fold in its dedicated stores. The technology giant has removed the Bitcoin derivative this week, which was can be defined as the last ever waller application to be availed from App stores. Industry insiders and company folds have cited this as an “unresolved issue.” In accordance with the standpoint presented by Blockchain, it got no premonition of the latest turn of events or any warning of this existent problem.

Harking back to the past in history, company directives added this significant Blockchain app to the esteemed App store, 2012. It can be defined as eminent and feasible Bitcoin wallet applications. As things turn out to be, the absence of Blockchain will surely create an impact in the service scenario. Going by market norms or derivatives, iOS users will never get the scope of accessing the world’s most vital currency related with virtual segment. The reason being, iPhone harbingers have already taken off auxiliary applications like Gliph or Coinbase. The ensuing market feasibility is something that remains a big concern now.

If you go by what Nicolas Cary, Chief Executive officer of Blockchain ahs to say on this matter, you will get to see numerous facets of the business. He said that Apple had taken out the application earlier also. However, the company accepted it later on. He also focuses on the matter that ouster or elimination of the concerned app clearly shows that Cupertino-centric Corporation views Bitcoin to be an efficient competitor or market rival. This is another viewpoint while other opines that the collective decision to thwart Bitcoin comes from the fact that confusing, compound international regulations were clouding and affecting this virtual currency.

It is interesting to note that people have downloaded Blockchain more than 1, 20, 000 times while dealing with dedicated iOS app stores in the recent past. The Google inference in this regard is an antithesis to this event as the Search engine is okay with Bitcoin. Numerous Bitcoin wallets include cohesive apps from Coinbase and Blackchain and can be availed from Android. Cary affirms that his company is working in full syncopation with Google and there are no problems whatsoever. In another noteworthy development, Coinpunk’s Kyle Drake has urged every user to show dissent and protest against this move by Apple. She has urged users to sign a petition that allows Bitcoin wallets related with iPhone/s.