Apps That Help You Run Your Business

Technology comes at a cost due to more screen time and less interaction with the world. But there are many instances where advancing technology is a good thing. It’s especially the case when running a business. In short, there are several apps that will help you manage and better run your business.

Let’s Talk About It

Communication is key when trying to run a business, but all too often it’s not a focal point. The most popular and well-known option is Skype. It’s easy to use on nearly every computer, includes video conferencing, if needed, and has messaging functions. If you want to organize your group conversations, then Slack might be the one for you. It allows you to easily drag and drop files for your team to view and there isn’t a limitation on how many user members a business can in the group. And lastly, to keep people honest and up-to-date, try Pushover. The application allows you to send push notifications to any smartphone, thus allowing you to send meeting time changes and such quickly to everyone involved. If and when you’re taking some down time, there are apps every small business owner needs to have while away on vacation.

Organize My Business

Yes, there are a million ways to get your ideas on to digital paper. Here are a few that take the cake in comparison. Right off the bat, there is Evernote’s notes template system, which allows you to pick a design and fit it to your business’ needs. It’s quick, easy to use, and professional. If your business is a packaged-based enterprise, then consider the Boxmeup app. This app gives you the power to organize and track packages as well as print QR labels for your products. Then there’s DropBox, a quick and reliable way to organize, store and share files with your co-workers. With a user base in the multi-millions, they must be doing something right.

The Money is on Its Way

Money is the reason why we work. We can’t get around the need for it, and in modern times it’s easier than ever to send and receive it. For a business the use of Square can help take payments at registers on tablets and while on-the-go with your smartphone. Sign up, plug it in and you’re on your way. Another option in the money category is PayPal Here. It’s an easy way for business such as food trucks to get paid as they move from town to town throughout the week. The real plus here is that PayPal is well known and widely used by millions of people.

Accounting Your Way

Our last topic for discussion is accounting. Here you will find Quickbooks, which is a juggernaut in the field, and for good reason. They have years of experience and they have continued to implement new technology so that you can run your financial accounts accurately. If you are looking for something a little bit different, try out Freshbooks. It allows you to create invoices and accept credit card payments on your smartphone or tablet. Another good thing about these services is that both of them work on Android and iOS devices.