Are 3D Movies In Theatres Worth It?

The latest craze in pop culture today is 3D movies.From seeing the hottest movies such as The Avengers to Katy Perry’s Part of Me, 3D is the latest rage. This trend is now taking over people’s homes as well. While many people seem to be reading over a 3D TV review before making a purchase, maybe you should think about whether going to the movies to see a show in 3D is worth it.

Theater Costs

Seeing a new movie released in theatres can be expensive. Add the price of a 3D ticket to that and it’s no wonder families are skipping the movie line.  For a family of four to see Ice Age: Continental Drift in 3D at AMC Lowes Lincoln Square 13 in NYC, the price would be $65 for a Saturday Matinee. If the same family saw the same movie in 2D, the price would decrease drastically.

In 2011, the MPAA conducted a study on theatrical market statistics. The study showed that between 2010 and 2011, box office revenue for 3D movies alone dropped by $400 million. This is astonishing because during the same time the number of digital 3D screens in America increased nearly 50% and the number of films released in 3D rose nearly 75%.

Movie Night at Home
If you don’t wish to spend excessive amounts of money at the theater, you can always go see the movie in 2D and then use the money you saved to start a collection for your new TV. While many people are giving up on seeing 3D movies in theaters, that doesn’t mean you should give up watching them at home. By reading an informative 3D TV review, you will be able to purchase a fabulous 3D TV for your home to watch your favorite movies on.

By watching 3D movies at home, you only have to buy the movie on DVD. You don’t have to pay a ticket cost and you can avoid going to the concession stand for unhealthy snacks. You will be in control of the costs. If you want to order out, chances are, you still won’t be spending as much as you would at a theater.

In the end, deciding whether or not 3D is worth it is really up to you. To see a movie in 3D in a theater may not be worth it due to the added ticket cost. However, if you do your research on 3D TVs, the benefit of watching 3D movies at home may be worth the splurge.

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