Are Braces Really Necessary?

School-age children have enough concerns to deal with such as peer pressure, keeping up with the latest fashions, and getting the most modern cell phone. Parents wondering if braces are really necessary for their son or daughter should take into consideration how their child could be affected both mentally and physically without them.

Misaligned Teeth Affect Confidence

Young boys and girls with misaligned teeth are often embarrassed and reluctant to show their less than perfect smile. They endure teasing from classmates which hinders their self esteem and displays of emotion. Their self consciousness may also prevent them from participating in group or individual photos. Involvement in recreational, sports or social activities could be hindered causing them to miss out on many important experiences of growing up.

Less Than perfect Smiles Lead To Health Concerns

Problem teeth can cause difficulty when chewing, sores in the mouth, uneven wear and digestive problems from food not chewed down to size. Other concerns include sore jaws, headaches, teeth grinding while sleeping and speech impediments.

Keeping teeth clean and free from food particles is difficult since toothbrush bristles and dental floss are not as effective in getting in between teeth. Youth who brush numerous times each day are still prone to more cavities and a higher risk of gum disease unless the proper attention is given to their teeth.

Braces Are Fashionable

The options for braces are now more than just silver metal and rubber bands. Alternative methods include colors, clear, invisible and models that fit behind the teeth. Affordable payment plans allow all boys and girls to benefit from braces no matter what level of income of their parents.
It takes only a few short years for children to accomplish wearing braces and the follow-up equipment of retainers and mouth pieces. They experience improved confidence, enhanced appearance, and a more memorable first impression on first dates or job interviews.

Not Just Worn By Kids

Adults who were not given the opportunity to wear braces in their younger years also benefit from having their teeth aligned later in life. They enjoy the same improved psychological and physical aspects, and going through the corrective procedures could result in getting the job they have always desired.
A few short years of wearing braces is worth having a beautiful smile the rest of one’s life. Focus should be on the improved results instead of wondering if braces are really necessary. Braces also open up a multitude of opportunities in life due to the person’s confidence in their appearance and inner self.

Peter Wendt is a freelance writer based out of Austin, Texas who is no stranger to braces. He found to be a great resource for his orthodontic research.