Are Tennis Bags For Everybody?

Most people think that tennis bags are for tennis players only.  Well it might be, but in reality no one is stopping anybody from buying them.  There are no rules or etiquette out there that says you can’t buy them if you don’t play the game.

The truth of the matter is that whether you play tennis or not, tennis bags suit the needs of everybody, from avid tennis player s to busy soccer moms. The thing that matters the most is how happy you are with your bag. How useful it is.  These bags can come in different sizes, colors and designs.  They are designed specifically for convenience, and most importantly for packing traveling essentials. The professionals, club and college players, will generally take the necessities.  Traveling from tournament to another can be very exhausting; therefore traveling light can be very helpful.

There are different types of bags out there for tennis.  The most utilized by players are the thermobags, standard tennis bags and tennis backpacks.

The thermobag for example, is designed specifically for holding one to eight racquets.  It also has different compartments inside and outside for storage. The inside compartments are usually made with a material that will hold the humidity and temperature in order to conserve the tension of the strings on your racquets.

Most players have a compartment reserved for their towels, jump ropes, foods, socks, shirts, shorts, headphones, water bottle, strings, bandages and dirty laundry in a plastic bag … the necessary needs for every player; You will never know what can happen on that court!

“Thermo bag” means that the bag is shaped like a racquet and if you are not a tennis player, that bag might give you away.  This bag can definitely set you apart from the crowd and another great thing about it is that you will never confuse your luggage again at the airport; those days are over!!!

The standard tennis bags, on the other hand, are shaped like any other sports bag.  The difference is that it has inside compartments that are designed for tennis apparel and equipment, like shoes, tennis balls and are big enough to store a few racquets.  These bags can be carried on the plane and are great for traveling. They also can set you apart from the crowd, depending on the brand and colors being that they are usually pretty flashy.

The backpacks are one of the most popular nowadays.  They are small, easy to carry on your back or shoulders and you can also carry them riding a bike.  The backpacks are designed for day to day usage.  It has smaller compartments then the regular bags but will hold a couple of racquets, a towel, shoes, shorts, shirts and water bottles.

In the end, not everyone will get a tennis bag because of various personal reasons.  The most important thing to keep in mind before choosing a bag is to look for good quality, durability, usefulness and your style.

Malik Benyebka is a tennis pro with 25 years competitive experience around the world, has a Masters in marketing, is passionate about the game and dedicates all his efforts into coaching, writing, sharing experiences, giving tips and opinions concerning tennis, products and fitness.