Are You Fast Or Are You Perfect?

It used to be that perfectionist companies ruled the markets. Now, the game is changing. Faster companies who can deliver to their customers in a heartbeat are ruling the industry. If your product is perfect but arrives 4 days late, your customer will not be impressed. Most likely, he or she will be annoyed.

Being fast does not mean that you should send a crappy product. You should still maintain a good level of quality control but make sure that you work faster and you ship your products on time. Shorten your production cycle. Make changes as needed to make everything work flawlessly and quickly. If your competitor always beats you to the customers, chances are you’re business will have a very short life.

Use gadgets
Use your smartphones and tablets to keep in touch with the office and with your customers. Deliver information as fast as you can. Use apps to bill your clients immediately so that you can be paid on time. There are many apps available to help you improve your time management.

You can use a franking machine if you regularly send mails. A franking machine will allow you to finish processing your mail in minutes rather than hours. Higher level franking machines require very little human intervention. They can sort your mail for you, weigh them and calculate the exact postage.  You can have your mail picked up or you can set a delivery time each week. You don’t have to waste time falling in line at the post office. You can top up your credits through phone or through a special account with your provider. A franking machine is very useful when you need to send bills, brochures and marketing materials fast.

Use Internet tools
Download or buy programs that can make your processes simpler and faster. For example, accounting programs will help lessen human errors and streamline your accounting cycle.

Use social media
Use Twitter as one of your customer service portals. Encourage your customers to tweet you of their simple questions and concerns. They can tweet you if they need a question to be answered immediately.

Use your Facebook page to encourage your customers to give you new ideas on how to improve your products and services. You can encourage them to have conversations with you. This will give you an important insight to your target market. You can use this information to get ahead of the competition.

Speed is your latest challenge if you are an entrepreneur in this modern world. Make sure to stay ahead of the competition by using these tips.

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