Are You Having An Affair Online?

Extra martial affairs do not only happen physically. These days, extra martial affairs can occur online. In fact, the same type of emotions can be experienced in online affairs along with the excitement, fantasy and secrecy. For many men and women, online affairs are not serious and are even considered as a past time, but these affairs can also be devastating and harm a family. Unfortunately, others are not even aware that they are already engaging in an extra martial affair online and simply consider it as a healthy friendship online. If you are uncertain about whether you are cheating on your spouse with your online friend, here are a few factors to think about.

Hours And Days Spent Online

When you exchange personal information such as about your family, work relationships and social activities with an opposite sex online constantly then there is something going on. This is also alarming if you spend long hours each day and night conversing with him online, without your spouse’s knowledge.

A Secret Friend

A marriage is not healthy when you hide secrets from your partner. This also includes online friends or friend you may have met online. If the friend is an opposite sex and you know that there is nothing going on between you two, you can tell your spouse about him. However if you fear the anger or if you enjoy the excitement about having a secret friend, then do not blame your husband for getting angry when he finally suspects infidelity and finds out.

Does He Fill Your Thoughts?

If your online friend is the only thing that fills your mind throughout the day, then you are getting yourself into trouble. When you feel that excitement and anticipation to chat or email him again, you better start checking your emotions and relationships.

The Shoulder To Cry On

When you have problems with your marriage, work, and friends or even with children, it is your spouse you must turn to. But when you find yourself turning to your secret online friend, you are depriving your husband of his role in your marriage and life. You also deprive him of the opportunity to understand you better, know you more and stabilize the marriage. Remember that your online friend will appear to be understanding than your husband, but your spouse will always give you both the good and bad sides of your problem.

Loss Of Interest

Be afraid of the relationship you have with your online friend when you begin to compare him with your husband. Even when you suddenly feel less patient with your spouse or lazy to attend to him, you must be aware that your marriage is on the rocks. This will also include loss of interest when it comes to sex with your spouse. You might even end up fantasying about your online friend when you sleep with your husband. This is a red light in your relationship, because pretty soon, you’ll be giving in to the request of your online friend to meet up in person.

Online extra martial affairs are nothing different from extra marital affairs you can have in person. In fact online affairs tend to deepen emotionally which is dangerous. Your actions can and will harm your marriage and your family and things can even become ugly when your husband decides to file charges of adultery against you and seek divorce.

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