Are You Sick and Tired Of Airport Security?

Are we living in a world that is far more dangerous than at any time in the past? This is a tough question to answer, partly because society has changed so much over the last several hundred years. On the one hand, a few centuries ago, people traveling by carriage or horse had to be concerned with attacks from highway thieves and other criminals. Today, our city streets are arguably safer than in the past, thanks to increased police surveillance, better lighting and the ability of most people to use a cell phone to call the local constable if they sense trouble. Of course, there are still some dodgy neighbourhoods in most major cities, which most people tend to avoid.

Are You Sick and Tired Of Airport Security?

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Airline Travel and Terrorism

Over the last several decades, there have been many attacks on airline passengers. One of the most shocking happened right here in the UK, when a Pan Am flight exploded over Lockerbie. Both security officials and the airlines themselves began to become concerned about what to do about inspecting both airplanes and their passengers carefully. But things really came to a head on September 11, 2001 when the attacks in New York City caused thousands of deaths. It was really the tipping point which caused most international airlines and airports to radically redesign their security procedures. Today, just a little over a decade later, we live with all the safety procedures that have been implemented to protect us.

There Was a Time…

Many remember when a family member or friend could easily walk with a passenger directly to their terminal, and spent time with them while they waited to board their plane. As most everyone knows, those days are gone, probably forever. Today, checking into the airport not only requires an extra hour or two, but also careful packing of what one is planning on bringing on board. Then there is the somewhat excruciating and challenging issue of getting through the new security procedures.

Are We Having Fun yet?

The UK government cares how airline passengers feel about the security procedures that they are exposed to. As a result, they often create surveys to get a sense of how satisfied these passengers are with the security procedures that are established. In 2012, the latest report was issued and it contained some interesting facts:

  • Perhaps surprisingly to some, over 90% of the respondents indicated that they were at least moderately satisfied with the screening procedures in which they were involved.

  • Only 3% indicated that they were actually dissatisfied, or quite dissatisfied with the same procedures.

  • The biggest complaint? As one might guess, it was queuing. Anyone who has had to approach security during a hectic travel season, especially at a large international airport such as Heathrow, knows that this can definitely fray one’s nerves.

  • Among the other complaints were the slow speed of processing, having to remove shoes and the restrictions on the amount and types of liquids which could be carried on board.

Travel with Peace of Mind

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