Are You Sitting Comfortably? Get A Chair That Looks After Your Back

A few years ago I developed chronic back pain following a bad cycling accident.  I found it very difficult to lower myself into the chairs in our living room unaided.  It was equally difficult to rise from these chairs again. The whole process was awkward and painful and so I started looking around for alternatives.

My father-in-law had invested in a riser reclining chair a few years earlier following a hip operation.  He highly recommended this form of chair design to me.  Rising recliners from have integral motors that lift the chair slowly into an almost vertical position.  This means instead of having to struggle up from sitting position you are already virtually standing when you exit the chair.

Normally when rising out of a standard chair you would need to use your hips, knees, back, stomach and legs to lift and push you upwards.  If you are suffering from any kind of chronic pain or muscle weakness this can be a very difficult manoeuvre.  Riser reclining chairs take the stress off your body when exiting your chair and make this task so much easier.  This also reduces the chance of aggravating muscle or joint injuries.

Rising recliners can also be adjusted in many different positions.  This can help to make sitting more comfortable for those with medical conditions and chronic pain.

Sitting More Comfortably

After doing some research I also found some riser recliners that offered heat and massage elements.  This was highly recommended for those with back problems.  I spoke to my doctor about these chairs designs and he advised that heat and massage therapy would be beneficial for my condition.  He also agreed that the riser element of the design would help to take the strain from my back when sitting and rising from the chair.

I went ahead and ordered a riser recliner online.  This was straightforward and saved me the job of trawling around the shops looking for the right chair.  My new riser recliner was delivered straight to my door.  After just a few uses I started feeling the benefits.  I used to avoid sitting down as it was such as pain.  This meant I put more strain on my back by standing up for long periods of time.  With the recliner it was easy to sit down and so I found myself relaxing more often.  The heat and massage therapies were also very good at easing the nagging pain in my back.

A riser recliner chair from can vastly improve your quality of living and general comfort.  It can transform the way that you relax at home and provides a comfortable chair which is designed to ease health issues such as back pain.