Are You What You Eat? 5 Intriguing Dental Infographics

 It’s absolutely true that great health begins with your mouth and what you choose to put into it. Below, we’ll take a look at the staggering sugar epidemic slamming our country, the seen and unseen effects of poor dental health, and finally (and on a much lighter note) if the size and shape of your teeth can really provide insight into your personality.

Sugar: America’s Addiction


Sugar: America’s Addiction is an eye-opening look at just how much sugar is included in what is often called the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet). With statistics such as the 733% increase in sugar consumption since the 1800s, it’s no wonder that our bodies are unable to process the staggering amounts of sugar we consume, leading to “diseases of affluence” such as Type II diabetes.

Today, sugar hides in plain sight in even the healthiest sounding of foods. As pointed out above, even your average fat free yogurt puts you 1/5th of your way through the average daily sugar allowance — 24 grams for women and 36 grams for men, as per the American Heart Association.

For Tooth’s Sake: Why Regular Dental Care Now Can Save You Big Later

Source: Family Dental Group

While the statistics regarding the disparities between those with and without dental insurance is rather unsurprising, the following graph should give pause to those without dental insurance when considering whether or not to make scheduled visits to the dentist part of their lifestyle (until/if more comprehensive health coverage can be achieved).

Much like our cars, we can choose to pay a little now or pay a lot more later. The average cost of a check-up, $78, seems quite paltry in comparison to the $600+ you’re likely to shell out on a crown or root canal.

Oral Health and Overall Health: Clearing the Air About Dental Care


This infographic really starts to place oral health in the larger scheme of the health (or lack of health) we experience as we age, with statistics showing that people with periodontal disease (gingivitus) are 3 times more likely to have a stroke, and that up to 50% of our population has mild to moderate gum disease.

I found the statistic regarding diabetes and gum disease interesting, as I mentioned earlier the correlation between our staggering sugar consumption and the increase in diabetes, so it would only make sense that this sugar increase would also be correlated with gum disease as well. It’s important to note that proper health really does start with what you choose to place in your body.

Take Care of Your Teeth and They’ll Take Care of You

Source: GOOD

If the previous infographic didn’t send the message home regarding dental health vs. overall health, this one certainly will! In addition to more well known conditions such as heart disease and stroke, other consequences include bacterial skin infections on the face and even brain abscesses. Good dental care is truly a full body imperative.

Do Your Teeth Define Your Personality?

Source: Carrington College

After that frightening look at the very real consequences of not maintaining good dental health, you might be in need of a fun study to lighten the mood a bit. This infographic from Carrington College asks us to look inward — inside of our mouths and our psyches — to see what our teeth may have to say about who we are.

While at first the idea of a tooth’s shape having anything to say about your personality, remember that other studies correlate things like relative finger length to testosterone production, so the idea of our hormones controlling aspects of our outward appearance isn’t so far fetched.

Chris Smith is a freelance writer for Hanachi Orthodontics in Charlotte, NC.