Asian Fashion Enters Europe

Asian fashion for men has always been different than what can be observed in Europe or in the USA. Sure it’s an international standard in negotiations or business, to have a suit or a tie but when it comes down to it Asian fashion is very different from European fashion.

Take for example an Asian fashion store. In many places from Europe you go to a shop, you see the price you pay, and get your clothes. In Asia, bargaining, negotiating, and searching for the best prices are ways of life. And this reflects in the everyday life of any Asian individual, because compared to many European citizens, they are more practical and more focused on making money.

On the other hand, even if Asian culture is full of formalities and traditions their style of dressing is very simple and they value more a man’s worth by what he is, rather than what Asian clothing he has on him. And sure, there are differences between countries like China or Korea but the main point is that Europe is not Asia.

Korean clothing has its own particular styles and clothes that reflect the way in which this country evolved along its history. For example, right now the Korean fashion style is influencing a lot of other Asian countries like Japan. They are investing a lot into what young people are seeking, and their clothing brands are growing.

And so this cultural exchange has happened for the last hundred years and it will continue to do so in the next period. When Europeans came into contact with Asia for the first time, they were surprised by the way in which Asian people lived their lives. The fact that Japanese traditions are focused on clothes being clean is different than many examples that you can find from European history.

Asian fashion and Asian art, in many periods of history have been transformed so as to become attractive to Europeans and Americans. This has lead to many Europeans having to learn what Asia is all about and why its cultural heritage is important.

In the future as the world gets smaller and smaller these kinds of things will happen at a much higher rate. When distance not only regarding communication, but also physical will be covered in a matter of minutes then people will be able to travel and exchange information much faster. So in the world of the future, communication between east and west will be faster and more dynamic.

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