Astrological and Ayurvedic Significance Of Rudraksha

There are various conceptions with regards to rudrakshas given in Shiv Puran as well as other Puranic scriptures. Different varieties of rudraksha are found on Earth, with the 5 faced ones being commonly available. Rudraksha is also called Shivbindu and goes by many names such as Shivaksh, Haraksh, Neelkanthaksh, Shivpriya, Buthanashan, Sharvaksh and Paavan. Rudraksha usually, occurs in different colors such as shweta varna (white), rakta varna (crimson red), black (Krishna varna) and Mishrita varna) mixed color.

Ayurvedic Significance

These days rudraksha is worn around neck, on head, hand, etc and is worshippable. Rudraksha is Ushna, Kaphanashak, Vataghna and Aml. It has the properties to save people from planetary malefic influences and evil spirits. In Ayurveda, paste of rudraksha bead when applied on boils could cure it and works on septic.  Also, in jaundice as well as other pitta dosha related diseases, if papaya seeds are worn along with rudraksha beads, then it easily has the ailment cured. Why play for real money? Newbies often ask this question because they do not understand why they need to spend real money if online casino 777 and other gambling operators offer pokies for free without money. People visit the virtual game room to have fun. Nothing is more enjoyable than big wins that are instantly credited to your account. That gives tremendous emotions because you can become a millionaire or at least fill your pockets for minor expenses. Talking about 777Pokies, your real money game gives you additional bonuses in the form of free money for betting/gamble and free spins. The five mukhi rudraksha is stated to be useful towards controlling heart diseases and high blood pressure.

How to Make Use of Rudraksha?

Generally, Rudraksha mala (Rosary) of 54 or 108 beads are utilized. The rosary is used mainly to chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. Wearing five faced rudraksha beads within thread can help to cure high blood pressure. Even a single bead when worn could provide improvement in wealth, education and health.

Purifying Rudraksha

The process of purification is quite significant similar to that of gemstones. Rudraksha is said to work only if it is authentic and purified using the right mantras. Otherwise, no difference can be witnessed by the wearer.


These days rudraksha has been viewed just like when someone wears one, he would become Lord Shiva’s great devotee and be free from all sufferings. The other misconception is that the low priced duplicate, five faced and other types of rudraksha available can also work well similar to that of the original ones.

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