AT&T Goes Aggressive With Affordable Family Plans

AT&T Goes Aggressive With Affordable Family Plans

AT&T plans on showing its might to competitors, by reducing price tariffs, charged on regular calls. The company recently revealed their new range of price sensitive plans for the families, aiming at retaining old users as well as enticing new ones.


Savings is possible for members who bring forth their own device, sign up for monthly installment program or purchases them outright. These new plans are to be unveiled today and should be available on new and current connections soon.

AT&T is aiming at winning over customers from other competitors, as the fourth quarter of this fiscal has seen AT&T lose out on customers, along with a slack in growth. T Mobile and Verizon have played an interesting game by planning to buy over rival firms’ family plan users, by offering to buy out termination fees imposed on them.

Reasons for Increasing Popularity:

Sprint is planning on offering certain family plans, which would bring members together over phone. AT&T on the other hand, has been on an innovative spree so far, offering unique propositions that are hard to resist. This in turn has persuaded many people to switch over from their current service operators.

The Dallas Based service provider has ruled out this policy as an attack on a singular competitor. They claim this is a combined attack on all competitors AT&T representatives said, “We think we have been able to provide better service and offers than our customers. It should play a major role in attracting customers, presently using other networks.”

Cost of Basic Data Structures:

The breaking point however is the low cost of data usage, which used to be $100 for a mere 10 Gigabytes of data transfer, unlimited text messages and voice calls, apart from paying additional fees for adding smart phones. A number under contracted had to pay $40, while a Next user had to pay $25.

Family Plans:

AT&T is adding new schemes, where customers have to pay sums as low as $15. This sum adds up to $130, for two people, while the sum is $160, for four people. Customers however, need to pay their monthly device fee, which is close to $20, for a range topping smart phone.

This new plan is in line with AT&T’s latest offers to provide customers with $100 bill credit for each new connection seeker. While the company has targeted mostly 10 Gigabyte users, which insiders term the sweet spot, AT&T will come up with suitable plans for higher end users too.