Attack Of The Momzilla!

Is your mother ruining your wedding? Are you thinking about eloping just to get away from her “help”? If so, your mother might have turned into the dreaded Momzilla. Learn the signs, and find out how to turn an out of control Momzilla back into a sweet mother of the bride.

Your Mom Might Be a Momzilla If: She picks out a dress and accessories that are designed to upstage your wedding gown and bridal jewelry set. There is nothing worse than a mother of the bride who cannot stand to relinquish the spotlight to her daughter for even a day. If your mom is the type who always wants all eyes to be on her, you can try to shop with her to try to rein her in a bit. Ultimately, though, it is important to remember that nobody can truly upstage a bride on her own wedding day, and your mother will only embarrass herself by trying to.

Your Mom Might Be a Momzilla If: She calls your wedding vendors and starts making changes to your plans. Although it is reasonable that your mother might have some input in your wedding plans (especially if she is helping to pay for it), it is definitely not okay for her to go behind your back and call your vendors. If your mother is sneaky enough to do something like that, you need to warn your vendors. It is absolutely acceptable to tell your wedding professionals that they should only take orders from the bride and groom.

Your Mom Might Be a Momzilla If: She is always demanding that you do things her way. You know the type – the mom who is using her daughter’s wedding as an excuse to live out her own wedding fantasies. The best strategy is to give her enough busywork to keep her occupied and off your back. Make sure to give her tasks that aren’t terribly important to you so you can give her the freedom to make the decisions. Ideas include wedding favors, welcome baskets, and that sort of thing. Obviously the bride should keep control of choosing the things that matter the most to her like her bouquet, wedding dress, and the jewelry she will wear for her wedding.

Your Mom Might Be a Momzilla If: She constantly criticizes your groom. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life criticizing your husband, this is something that needs to be nipped in the bud. Let your mother know that you expect her to be respectful of your husband and that she is hurting you with her unkind words. Hopefully it will be enough to get her to hold her tongue. If not, well, you can always elope!

Bridget Mora (whose own mom was never a Momzilla!) has helped countless brides survive the wedding planning process with her wedding planning tips and advice. The best place to shop for jewelry for the bride is, where you can find affordable custom jewelry to fit any style or budget.