Attributes You Must Have When Playing Escape Games

Attributes You Must Have When Playing Escape Games

Escape room games are super fun and extremely engrossing. This is the major reason for its rising popularity and everybody yearns to play this game for the sole of purpose of getting entertained. The best part about this game is the fact that it can be played either with your gang of friends or with your family members. If you wish to be a true champion in these games, then there are a few important attributes that you need to develop within you and inculcate the same within your team members as well. Since only you cannot win the game and it has to be a collective team effort. So make sure your team members have the following physical factors present while the game is on.

Physical Factors

  • Level of Confidence – You will be locked inside a room with your team members and some hints to solve and come out within the stipulated time frame. Therefore, it is important that you don’t lose your level of self confidence and don’t switch on your panic button. The more pumped up you are about your confidence, better will it be for you to win the game.
  • Space Sharing – When the game begins, the space you will have is extremely limited. Within that limited space, not only do you have to solve the quizzes but also accommodate that limited space with your team members as well. So be prepared to share the space as well. For those who have the problem of claustrophobia, worry not because you have sufficient ventilation space.
  • Swift Movement – Since you will be running on a time crunch and it is going to be a live room escape game, you need to be very swift with your actions. So be swift when it comes to inspecting the surrounding so that you can find your clues and hints faster than what is usually expected. The higher your observation power and the faster you can spot them, easier will it be for you to solve the quizzes and win the game.
  • Reading the Hints well – You need to be clear and extremely loud about the things that you are reading. Since all the hints and the clues are hidden in what you read. However, care must be taken on the fact that you maintain a consistency in your reading pattern because what you read plays a big role in solving the game.
  • Clear Communication – Your communications skills need to be excellent so that you can convey the message within a very short span of time. It is important to have good communication skills because without that you cannot co-operate with your team members and vice versa. Therefore, it is extremely important that you have a good rapport and communication with your team members who are going to be a part of the game with you.

So make sure not just you, but your team members also have the following physical attributes preset in them while the game is still on.

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