Audio Transcription Services Have Become A Requirement For Every Other Business

Audio transcription until recently used to be extensively used in the medical field. Medical transcriptionists continue to transcribe the voice recordings of doctors; the voice recordings are done by doctors after they complete the examination of their patients. The voice recordings are then transferred to the medical transcriptionist; the medical transcriptionist listens to the recording and transcribes it to text. The transcript is then sent to the doctor for approval and once approved the transcript is printed and stored as a medical record. This image shows you what it used to be like:

Likewise, most of the businesses too have requirements, and they too are required to maintain the transcripts of their meetings, conference calls, interviews, market research interviews, etc. The reasons are aplenty. But, similar to the situation the doctors were faced with, businesspeople too do not have time on their side to convert the voice recordings into text on their own. The transcription services are therefore outsourced to transcriptionists available online.

Drastic improvements in technology have made such instant transfer of voice recordings to the transcriptionist and the delivery of the transcribed file back to the requester possible.

What Are The Benefits Outsourced Transcriptionists Gives You?

1. Transcriptionists are capable of delivering quality audio transcription which has an accuracy rate of up to 99.9%. The transcriptionists are usually trained to achieve this, and the experience they have in the audio transcription field allows them to attain this high level of ef?ciency. Further, audio transcription providers employ proof readers to double check the transcribed file for errors, thus ensuring that the promised accuracy level is achieved.

2. Audio transcription service providers also give clients the convenience of sending their voice files in various file formats like mp3, wav, mp4, avi, acc, wma, dss, and so on. Likewise, they also accept files sent through CDs, audio cassettes, etc. The transcribed files are delivered to clients either as text, PDF, or doc file.

3. Audio transcription service providers usually provide their clients a good turn around time, sometimes lesser than 7 hours. Good audio quality of the audio file usually favors quick turn around times. Likewise, an additional hour should be allowed in addition to the audio transcription time, for proof reading the transcribed file.

4. Transcription service providers will also ensure that the data present in the transcribed file remains secure and secretive.

The internet has brought in numerous conveniences and one such convenience is the availability of online audio transcriptionists; businesses can now instantly hire the service of an online audio transcriptionist to convert the voice recording related to their business, instantly.

Online transcriptionists are available round the clock, and you could get the transcriptions done as and when the need arises. Transcriptions are provided in different formats including verbatim, screened, and publishable. Not sure what each means? Here’s an explanation:

1. Verbatim transcriptions will include every sound that the user in the recording makes, including false starts, etc. Such transcriptions are necessary when legal matters are involved.

2. Screened transcriptions filter out unnecessary content and only the required data is presented. Minutes of meeting are examples of such transcripts.

3. Publishable transcriptions are transcriptions which are suitably edited by an expert to make the content presentable and very clear to the reader. Usually the transcript of a lecture, etc falls into this category.

Hopefully this has given you a good idea how and why transcription service solutions have become such a demanded service. Any questions please leave a comment!

The author enjoys blogging about solutions to transcribe audio as he works in a telecoms company that now offers such solutions.