Australia Endearing Culture and Natural beauty

Australia Endearing Culture and Natural beauty

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Due to its geographical location it has unique wildlife and natural features like the Uluru Rock and the Great Plains. Australia also experiences a warm climate that makes it the perfect getaway haven. Australia is a vast country that has beaches, plains, unique natural features, kangaroos, kiwis amongst others. This means that in Australia you will always get something you will enjoy. Visiting Australia allows to see the culture of the Aborigines. The Aborigines are one of the few tribes in the world that have been able to keep and follow their traditions and culture to this day. The following are the best places to visit if you want to see the beauty and rich culture of Australia;

Bay Of Fires

The Bay of Fires is located in Tasmania. This region has many national parks where you can watch wildlife in its natural habitat. Some of the animals include the Tasmanian devil, kangaroos, crocodiles and many others. This region has many national parks that have hiking trails that allow you to enjoy nature’s tranquility at its best. There are many camping sites that are located in serene areas away from the hassles of everyday life. Bay of Fires has many beaches and warm waters that form perfect swimming and surfing spots. The main activities that you can carry out in this region include swimming, camping, fishing and surfing.

Fremantle Museum

Fremantle Museum is located in Perth. They display various arts ranging from aboriginal to contemporary ones. This museum hosts the International Arts Festival.

National Art Gallery

This is the best place to see and learn more about the Australian culture. You will see Aboriginal arts such as paintings and carvings.

Litchfield National Park

This park is located in the Northern Territory. This park has many fascinating features that include waterfalls, gorges, rivers and campsites. This park gives you a chance to camp in close vicinity to waterfalls and wildlife. There are caves with paintings and markings that were made by ancient inhabitants of the land.

Torres Strait Islands

These islands are located off the coast of Queensland. They are shielded from the rest of the world by vast ocean expanses. Due to this these islands are perfect havens for surfing, boating, diving and snorkeling.  The islands also have numerous hiking trails that pass through unique vegetation.

Glasshouse Mountains National Park

This park is home to unique volcanic peaks. You can climb to the summit of these peaks and get unmatched views of the surrounding landscape. These peaks are very important to the Aborigines. The park has lush green forests that are home to many wildlife species. Glasshouse Park is in close vicinity to many beaches along the coast of Queensland. What can be better than relaxing on clean sandy beaches after taking strolls through a cool forest. You should ensure that you have the Australian visa when you are travelling to Australia. This allows you to explore the best cultural and natural attractions of Australia.