Avoid Stress By Pre-empting Printer Disasters And Save Your Company Money

It seems to be one of those unwritten laws of nature, also known as “Murphy’s Law”, that a printer disaster will occur at the absolute worst possible times.  It’s either when that big convention is coming and hundreds of copies need to be printed for all those attending the meetings, or numerous flyers and banners… Continue reading Avoid Stress By Pre-empting Printer Disasters And Save Your Company Money

Should You Buy An Extended Warranty?

If your head is spinning with auto warranty decisions, worry not. You’ve probably heard all the hoopla concerning Hyundai’s America’s Best Warranty. And, you’re probably wondering what’s so special about it, and why you may even want to consider an extended warranty for your Hyundai that stretches beyond the basic 10-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Protection and other… Continue reading Should You Buy An Extended Warranty?

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FDA Warns Stryker Yet Again

The FDA has recently issued a warning letter to Stryker, as reported by the law firm of Pintas & Mullins. The FDA conducted an inspection of the instruments division at Stryker’s Portage, Michigan location this past November. During the inspection, the agency observed numerous failures within the quality system. The letter cited these concerns, as… Continue reading FDA Warns Stryker Yet Again

Are You Ever Too Old To Play Car Games?

Let’s face it: Unless you’re wearing a chauffeur’s cap or are okay with playing Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy, chances are you’re not driving professionally. Being a professional driver—I’m talking Formula One or street racing, sorry Miss Daisy—is a pretty unrealistic goal for ninety-nine percent of the population, but that doesn’t mean the desire to get… Continue reading Are You Ever Too Old To Play Car Games?

A New Side Of Home Decor

Home decoration and art is one of the leading businesses in the world. With the world of fashion shifting from and back to classics the home decor is also coming home to the classic touch. The ancient touch is now preferred in decoration of the home and other buildings that brings back the feeling of… Continue reading A New Side Of Home Decor

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Choosing Your Interior Staircase

From the sweeping width of Rome’s Spanish Steps to the steep staircase of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat Temple, spectacular examples of man’s solution for ascending vertical spaces can be found all over the world. If you are searching for a masterpiece staircase for your home, you are probably overwhelmed with the variety of styles, materials and… Continue reading Choosing Your Interior Staircase