Auto Icons: Then And Now

There are many auto icons out there, and some of them have stayed popular throughout time. There are new models of these cars introduced each and every year throughout the United States and beyond. They are iconic images that continue to stick around throughout decades. You can now know why they have remained while others have perished throughout time.

Fiat 500
There really hasn’t been any change to this vehicle. The first Fiat was introduced to the world in 1957. It was expensive to the average person due to the fact that it had air conditioning. It helped a lot of Europeans drive around in style however. The latest of Fiats was made in 2007, but has the same signature look for four people, postage stamp wheel base, and water cooled. They are forever young, and will forever be one of the cutest vehicles around.

Chevrolet Suburban
The Chevy Suburban came out seventy five years ago and was a gifted truck to those that wanted something bigger but also flashy. It has more space than a small apartment which made it a high choice for many people out there. There have only been a few things that have changed throughout the years. They have expanded the amount of miles per gallon, but still allow people to carry around a lot of people at the same time.

Ford Mustang
The Ford Mustang has come a long way for a sedan. It is now thought of as a sports car as well. It has a sexy build that a lot of people cannot resist when the time comes. It is one of the best selling models out there, and it comes in a 6 or 8 cylinder. It also boasts fuel economy when times are tough with 30 mpg. It is one of the world’s fastest selling cars, and continues to stay strong throughout the years.

Ford F Series
The Ford F Series came out in the 40’s, and the pick up trucks that were made were based on cars. They of course, looked nothing like a car but it allowed the user to have the right amount of space for their family while being a rugged work truck. They have a lot of perks along with them such as the V6 engine, turbochargers, airbags, and so much more. They are not what they used to be, but they have gotten better.

Honda Accord
The Honda Accord is one of the most ambitious cars out there. They started out with their two door hatchback model and then slowly upgraded. They introduced the mid sized car in the late 70’s. You could purchase one for only $3,995 and had 68 horsepower and was able to go 44 mpg on the highway. They have large, more comfortable, and not to mention faster Accord’s on the market today.

Toyota FJ Land Cruiser
This is one vehicle that looks like an older model of the Jeep, but boasts more for the driver. It is rougher around the edges, and can drive around all terrain much like the Jeep. They are heavy and are aimed towards the utility market more than anything. It has one of the best outdoorsy vibes out there for a vehicle.

The Mini was known as the brainchild from the British engineer Alec Issigonis. His design made it possible to put four comfortable seats together with a 34 horsepower, 4 cylinders, 4 speed transaxle together to create this Mini. It is only 10 feet long, and a little over 4 feet wide. The newer Mini is a bit bigger and faster but still just as fun to drive around.

Jeep Wrangler
The Jeep Wrangler has been around for some time. It was commissioned to be made by the United States government, and has since been just about everywhere. It also helped to win World War II. It has some of the best, rugged specifics that you might not see on another vehicle. This includes a tractor’s affinity for high speed, live axles and hefty off roading chops. When it was made, it had a hard time reaching 50 mph, but now it can top off at 99 mph. This is a big improvement.

Honda Civic
This is a one size car that fits all. It was first introduced in 1973, and it was a 1.2 liter 40 mpg compact car that you could purchase for $2,000. It was then upgraded throughout the years, and is now viewed as a sports car. They do not use catalytic converters to keep up with the government’s emissions standards. You can see them now driving down the road.

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