Auto Insurance For A Teen Driver

Your child has recently turned 16 and is ready to drive. It is a fear and concern for most parents for many reasons. As a parent it is your responsibility to find an affordable auto insurance policy for your teen. An insurance policy for a teenager is going to be expensive. However, there are several things that can be done in order to reduce the cost.

Discuss Safety

The number one reason that auto insurance for teens is so expensive is because they lack driving experience. The inexperience leads to more accidents among teens than any other age of driver. It is important to make sure that you discuss with your teen the importance of safe driving. Go over safety tips with them such as the importance of wearing their seatbelts at all time, following the speed limits, and not texting or talking on their cell phone when they are behind the wheel. If they follow your advice they will benefit from lower car insurance rates in just a couple of years.

Good Grade Discounts

Many insurance companies will offer teens a discount on their auto insurance policy for maintaining a high GPA. When searching for teen car insurance policies make sure to ask about this discount from the companies that you contact. Each auto insurance company will have a set GPA and rules in regard to receiving this discount. It is likely that you will have to provide proof of your teens grades in order to receive the discount.

Car Choice

The type of car that a teen drives will directly impact how much insurance will cost. While most teens want to drive a sports car, this is not a good idea. A teen driver should be driving a vehicle that is a slightly older model and has a lower value. This will help lower how much the insurance policy costs. Even people that have perfect driving records and years of driving experience have to pay more for their insurance if they choose to drive a sports car.

Shop Around

One of the biggest mistakes that a parent makes when choosing a car insurance policy for their teen is simply adding them to their current policy. When adding a teen to a policy it is a good idea to take the time to shop around. It is possible that there is an insurance policy available from another company that will have better coverage at a lower cost for both you and your teen.

Searching the internet offers a fast and easy way to quickly compare different auto insurance polices that are available. Most insurance sites will have agents available to answer any questions that you may have.

Car insurance for a teen is going to be expensive. However, it is possible to lower the cost of a teen policy by taking a few simple steps.

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