Auto Repair Toys For Kids

With new gadgets and toys being invented everyday, it can be hard to narrow down what to get your kid for things like holidays or birthdays. It can be even harder finding something that they might actually want, and something that will also be a bit more educational than your average toy.

For a car lover, Christmas usually means toy cars, model cars or a racing video game. None of which are too educational, even if they are fun. This Christmas though, you can get your kid an educational toy car that can actually start teaching your car-loving child the basics of auto repair. Talk about a functional gift.

This toy can be perfect for kids who might want to help dad out in the garage with repairs and handiwork, but aren’t quite old enough to work on the real stuff. The Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set is a toy being sold for $120 that lets their mini mechanics pop the hood and do tasks that adults might feel tedious, such as change the oil and tinker with the engine.  Kids can even practice testing the brakes and changing the air filter, things that even some adults don’t know how to do.

The best part about this is that it’s not real, so kids as small as age three can practice these real life skills out using the plastic tools provided. Since the kit runs on batteries, you don’t have to worry about oil spills or any of the real dangers that can come along with letting kids mess with a real car or engine. Since it is plastic, it can also handle the abuse young children generally inflict on their toys by being dropped or misused.

This can also be the perfect toy for a grandparent to give their grandchild to help foster a love and education of cars starting early in childhood. It can be a great tool to help kids develop their creative problem solving skills as well as a joy for technical fields like repair. If your child is the type who loves toys that involve problem solving and building, such as playing and building with legos, this toy could be the perfect follow up toy that will challenge them to think in new ways that just so happen to help repair a car.

Model car kits can also help foster a love of car maintenance and building by allowing children to see the different parts that go into building a car. Not to mention both of these toys can teach your children patience and perseverance with their projects.

Instead of letting your child lose interest in cars after they grow out of playing with toy cars if they are still too young to drive, you can get them this new toy that will foster the love of cars and teach them the hard work and dedication that comes along with maintaining the hobby. Who knows? It might even help them get a job some day.