Auto Sales Jump In August

Many people spend a large chunk of August preparing for back to school.  They flock to malls, big-box stores, and discount stores to load up on all the back to school essentials.  By the way the auto sales are going so far this month, it appears people are adding “buy a car” to their back to school shopping lists.  The beginning of August has been very strong in car sales and sales do not appear to be slowing down.  This is news worth cheering over for those involved in the automobile and insurance businesses.  If you’re in the auto insurance industry, now is a great time to get a hold of new auto sales leads so you can keep your business booming.
July shaped up to be a solid month for the automobile industry.  According to AAA, the number of sold cars was up by almost 2 million compared to the numbers of last July.  It is somewhat of a surprise that auto sales are on the rise, considering the slow economic recovery rate and unemployment remaining high.  Apparently, buyers are ignoring the less than favorable economic news and buying new wheels anyway.  Some economists feel that the healthy automobile market will eventually help the somewhat grim economy.

If you’re involved in the auto insurance industry, now is a great time to reach out to a new group of potential customers.  Although consumers are spending big bucks on new vehicles, they’re still looking for savings when it comes to their insurance policies.  Many shop around for the best and cheapest insurance packages, so it’s important to stay competitive.  There has also been an increase in the number of individuals visiting websites that allow them to compare multiple policies with various companies all at the same time.  This is further proof that auto owners are seeking deals.
A great way to reach out to the large number of new drivers is to register with a company that has a strong bank of auto sales leads
.  A reliable company will be able to provide you with detailed information about consumers, which includes the make, model, and year of the vehicle they drive.  You can opt for even more detailed leads, which will include consumer demographics and household income.  Having solid leads is the best way to approach potential clients because you are educated on the consumers themselves.  Showing possible clients how they can potentially save hundreds with your policy is much easier when you have the required information to give them an accurate quote.

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