Auto-Sleepers Windrush Motorhome Review

The Auto-Sleepers is a Worcestershire UK based campervan and motorhome manufacturer that has become a world leader in customizing and creating campervans and motorhomes since the early 1960’s, with the help of strong partnerships with automobile manufacturers.  Recently, it has created one of the top campervan for 2012 with the help of Peugeot-the Auto-Sleepers Windrush. It’s no wonder why this van came at the top.  On stock, the vehicle chassis is a reflection of Peugeot’s dedication to durability and reliability. And with the help of the quality abound Auto-Sleepers conversions, the Windrush has become a class topping model of quality build and specifications.

Specifications and Features

Auto-Sleepers has always been an expert on the excellent conversions of popular van manufacturers.  This is probably because of the company’s goal of leading the industry in terms of design features and incorporating them into their creations. The T foam upholstery, together with modern Belgian fabrics, make up the beds and chairs on this van. The bath design is also revolutionary in terms of saving space.

This van type motorhome has a berth capacity of four which means that this vehicle has room for 4 sleeping persons. There are 2 real belted seats located just behind the driver’s seat. It has an overall length of 19 feet and 8 inches and an overall width of 8 feet and 3 inches with the mirrors folded. The height of the vehicle including the TV antenna is 8 feet and 10 inches. Its total weight, with full interior equipment is at 3,500 kilograms. With its Euro V 130 horsepower engine, it can safely tow up to 2,500 kilograms. There is a total of 3 beds. Two of which are bunk beds located at the rear of the van. The other one is a double bed which is actually the converted rear seats.

The Good

With the Auto-Sleepers Windrush, you can definitely be sure that what you have is one of the best motorhomes out in the market today. As a matter of fact, the Windrush has been awarded the Hight-Top Van Conversion of the Year during the 2012 Motorhome awards. And this is highly due to the good features of this motorhome.

The configuration of the van is highly maximized utilizing as much space needed for comfort. The materials used are top class and the whole van is well lit in general. There are many other features such as external barbecue points, a bike rack, and built-in skylight.

Technology wise, the Windrush is not far behind from the competition. The van has some serious looking control panel for controlling lights and different gadgets in the van. It also features a gas tank and a combination blown type air heating.

The Bad

The truth is Auto-Sleepers has done it again with this Windrush and personally, I cannot think of any major disadvantage apart from the cost, but even this is justified with the kind of furnishings you will see in the van.  Every aspect in this van is well planned and is well executed.

A small, even possibly insignificant downside is that some of the minor features like paneling and curtains cannot be changed to suit one’s preference without tearing the part down. For example, some would prefer blinds over curtains.

For choice of a motorhome, some would also prefer fixed beds, unlike the front double bed found on this van, since it can be a hassle if you have to set it up every time you sleep. Honestly, it won’t really matter if you plan to use this on camping trips or on activities that would only last for a week for two.

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