Automatic Hand Dryers For Business – A Wise Investment

If you were to ask the majority of business owners that haven’t invested in automatic hand dryers why this is the case, chances are they’d tell you they don’t see the point. As far as they’re concerned, the paper hand towel dispensers are doing their jobs well enough as it is, so they can’t justify the apparent expense of investing in a bunch of electronic dryers to be fitted in the building’s bathrooms.

Of course there’s no denying that a quality hand dryer is always going to cost more than a shipment of paper towels – especially if you’re looking at a working environment with a dozen or more bathrooms. But at the same time, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that while one of these two options is strictly temporary, the other is permanent.

A Self-Paying Investment

Here’s a quick fact to put it all into perspective; the majority of high-quality hot air dryers will in fact pay for themselves IN FULL within the first year of being in use. Or in other words, when looked at over a period longer than a year, you’re looking at a totally free investment for your business. In terms of how this is possible, it’s a simple case of completely and permanently eliminating the costs of restocking the necessary paper towels over and over again. Sure, they may be cheap enough on a per-unit basis, but when stocking and re-stocking dozens of bathrooms day after day, you’ll inevitably spend a small fortune on them.

By contrast, once you’ve paid the initial outlay for an automatic dryer, this is the last time you’ll really have to worry about any added expense. Of course, some will argue that there are electricity costs to factor in, but these cannot and will not ever compare to the kinds of costs associated with paper hand towel replenishment time and time again. In fact, it costs so little to use a hot air dryer that it’s nigh-on impossible to put an actual per-use cost to such devices – especially with the latest high-end models on the market.

Reduce Waste

Something else to think about is the way in which paper towels may be effective, but efficient they most certainly are not. When you consider the fact that most people aren’t exactly frugal when it comes to the ‘free’ hand towels provided by someone else, it’s hardly surprising that even one average business can get through thousands a day. And what’s more, there’s also the fact that a fair few people tend to be rather too ‘free-spirited’ shall we say when it comes to taking dozens of extra towels and sticking them in their bags and pockets for later retrieval – again, thousands being used per day.

With an electric hand dryer by contrast, waste is reduced quite literally to zero. They can’t be overused, there’s nothing to go in the trash and nor is there anything to pilfer for personal use. So again there are cost savings to be made and indeed a positive impact on the environment, simply by making such a simple and affordable switch.

Supreme Hygiene

There’s much to be said for the hygiene benefit of the hot air dryer too as while there’s plenty of debate on the subject, the real science of the matter dictates they are in fact supreme in hygiene stakes. Now, there’s nothing to say that hand towels cannot be hygienic to a pretty comprehensive extent, but at the same time there’s really nothing at all hygienic about sack after sack filled with used and slowly-rotting hand towels. It’s a pretty grim thought to say the least and one that calls for regular attention in order to keep things under control – all of which can be wholly avoided by switching to the hot air hand dryer alternative.

Automatic dryers are by their very nature extremely hygienic, but then go one step further by creating no un-hygienic waste. This not only makes for a cleaner environment, but also reduces the workload of those in charge of maintenance and cleaning. So once again, this amounts to another reduction in operating costs which helps the dryer pay for itself over a very short period of time.

Making the Right Choice

Deciding if your own building is suitable for a dryer and making the right choice in terms of brand and model is as simple as turning to a quality provider with a solid reputation. There are dozens of businesses up and down the UK selling and supplying electric hand dryers – look for one with buyer backing and a strong track-record and you won’t go far wrong.