Avail A Range Of Amenities At Petroleum Wholesale LP Gas Stations

Nowadays, it is common to find an ATM, food service or apparels at gas stations throughout the world. However, when it is about providing endless amenities, only one name appears as a front runner and it is Petroleum Wholesale LP. The fuel distributor is expanding its business since 1973 and since then has left no stone unturned to add amenities for its customers.

The privately owned company has its operations in nine states of the U.S. The company is into the business of offering retail branded as well as wholesale diesel, gasoline, biodiesel, etc. to cater to every need of vehicle owners. With more than two hundred properties and a land bank for the development of more gas stations in the pipeline, Petroleum Wholesale LP has managed to create a good loyalty base among customers for its vast range of amenities.

Get Endless Amenities in a Hassle-free Manner

As stated above, the company offers a vast range of diverse amenities for the convenience of its customers and this undoubtedly helps the company to sail through turbulent global petroleum prices. In fact, these amenities have proved to play a major role in revenue generation by the gas stations. Especially hit among travelers who commute daily for work purpose or are just wanderers in need of some basic amenities at the cheapest rates along with fuel in their vehicles. So, the endless amenities are as follows:

  • Shower – Petroleum Wholesale LP offers a unique shower hour in which visitors can enjoy a hot shower in a neat and clean washroom anytime. A driver can take a free shower under some pre-conditions of fuel purchase. Truck drivers are anyways regular in availing this wonderful service.
  • Overnight parking – Parking is a big problem and safe parking is quintessential to continue your journey the next day. These gas stations are a wonderful place to park your vehicle for the whole night without worrying anything.
  • Food and drinks – In a busy lifestyle, when grabbing a bite of your favorite sandwich or sipping your milkshake is just out of question, it is possible at gas stations. You can find branded food items like sausage, milkshakes and everything from Steak n Shake, Subway, and many more.
  • Laundry – Ever wonder, where bachelors or school students wash their clothes without paying much! Yes, the gas stations are an ideal place where you can get rid of your dirty laundry to get washed and dry ones with minimal assistance from an attendant.
  • Cigar Shop – Premium quality cigars are available at gas stations of this reputed fuel distributor and is a major crowd puller as what can be more relaxing to not spending your precious time on shopping and getting cigars while refueling your tank.
  • Hardware – The Company offers hardware from Ace hardware which is globally renowned. One can obviously expect to find any kind of desired hardware tool or equipment at one of the gas stations of Petroleum Wholesale LP.

Thus, the amenities provided by the distributor under a single roof are endless and are much sought after at its gas stations.