Awesome Lawn Mowing Tips For Autumn

With the Autumn season almost here now, one of the main things that you have to do outside your home is prepare your lawn for the rough season. Depending on where you live, autumn not only means cooler temperatures but also falling leaves and muddy lawns. This can make lawn mowing a real challenge, especially if you pride yourself in keeping the lawn trim and proper at all times. The following are just a few tips to help you keep your lawn perfect during the Autumn months.

Autumn Mowing
First of all, you want to take a look at your lawn every time you consider mowing it and decide if it is really a wise idea, or if the grass can wait a bit longer in between mowing. During the summer months you have likely fallen into a schedule of mowing once a week, but during the Autumn you usually can slow down your mowing schedule and if you attempt to keep to once a week you are probably going to damage your grass more than you would think. This is because over cutting grass will cause it to lose the proper nutrients it needs and become patchy.
The second thing you may want to adjust is the length of the blade or how much you cut off every time you mow. This may also require you to change the height that your mower sits at. This is due to the fact that during the autumn months slightly longer grass blades are actually a great way to keep your grass strong. With the mud and leaves that are going to attempt to smother your grass throughout the season any advantage you can give your grass will help it stay a bit stronger for the next season.
Dealing with Autumn Leaves
Next, you need to remember that your lawn mower can be used to shred and dispose of leaves as well. If you have a lawn mower with a catch bag this is even better, as you can actually mulch the leaves and grass when you mow and place them in a compost pile for next year to use in your landscaping. It is important to get the leaves off the grass either with your lawn mower or the old fashioned way because they will smother your grass if left untouched.
A word to the wise however, if you have a leaf blower or a lawn mower with a bag this is the best way to remove leaves from the lawn without damaging the grass. While rakes are popular, they also can wreak havoc on otherwise healthy grass turf. Imagine brushing your hair out while it is wet with a wire comb and you get the basic picture of why this is not a great idea. Instead, if you can buy a catch bag for your lawn mower this is a great way to combine two tasks into one during which your grass stays carefully maintained and lush.
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