Awesome Stop Motion Lego Videos

Image: NathanF

Lego has been a popular kid’s toy for many years (they recently celebrated their 80th birthday). Recent times though have seen this popularity take a slight nose dive as kids today focus most of their attention on expensive and addictive computer games. Lego has seen resurgence of late as people have been creating and posting videos of Lego characters parodying music videos, movie trailers and comedy routines which have proved very popular online. Here we take a look at a few of them.

White Stripes
This Lego version of the White Stripes song, “ Fell In Love With A Girl” is a big hit on YouTube with nearly half a million hits. Produced in 2002 by Michael Gondry, the animation seems to go well with the music.

Michael Jackson “Thriller”
This video surely needs no introduction. Arguably the most influential video of all time has been recreated with plastic characters. It’s one of the most popular stop motion videos since it has reached over 7 million hits which is a remarkable number considering it’s a parody.

COD Black Ops
Well we couldn’t have a list without including a representative of the computer games world for fans out there. This one is great as is portrays the game in quite a realistic way as it has an array of  graphics to impress as well as a healthy dose of blood and gore. It has had nearly 400,000 hits on YouTube to date.

Lego Shark Attack
This one puts a nice little comedy side to the famous shark horror movie. Here we see great effects which are as realistic as you can get when working with plastic characters. It’s a short but well told story and could almost be scary. Another big hitter on YouTube with nearly 5 million views.

Bank Robbery
Here we have a well thought out Lego animation which incorporates good use of sound and images. Produced by Michaelhickox Films, it’s quite a long clip in terms of other Lego videos out there. The bank robbery plot is believable and you sometimes forget they’re not real.

Power Rangers
One for the younger viewers, this video is a fun remake of the 1990’s kid’s favourite. Our ninja crime fighting heroes are here in their full glory as well as their evil adversaries. This one includes the original TV soundtrack as well as some cool martial arts moves.

The Simpsons
Who doesn’t love the Simpsons? A show that included a number of celebrities over the years since it started is represented here in Lego form. This has to be one of the best as it’s cleverly put together to music and the characters are all in attendance just like the original.

Eddie Izzard
There have been quite a few comedy sketches done in Lego format but this Eddie Izzard clip is a classic. It’s funny, clever and presented in just the right amounts of humour. It’s a video that has had an enormous amount of views with over 18 million hits.

This is a small sample as developers continue to put out these little masterpieces almost on a day to day basis. Thanks to Legoland hotels for this quick collection – be sure to check them and the authors out for more excellent creations. We’re sure you have some favourites of your own – let us know in the comments below.