Awesome Team Building Ideas

A well-rounded team that communicate and get along is extremely important for the office environment that is why it’s fundamental to have several team building ideas on the board to keep the moral and team effort up.

Keep the Good Vibes Flowing

Company team building is core to developing an efficient office environment and there are many super cool ideas that will keep everyone happy. Some require evenings of fun whereas other ideas require fun during office hours:

  • Sushi or Mexican evening: Book a slot at a sushi-making or Mexican-food class for the team. If you have a large team then ask the instructor to present the class in the office canteen. Break the team in to smaller groups and have a team building “cook-off.”
  • Pictionary: It may seem so arbitrary, but this game brings teams together. It’s good for a laugh and gets the creativity flowing. A great team building idea for the office that is often overlooked.
  • Paintball: It’s one of the best team building exercises around. People come together in cases of combat. Two teams, and tons of fun.
  • Charades: Good for getting a laugh and excellent team building as people relax and communicate better when they’re on the same team and familiar ground.
  • Comedy Evening: This may not necessarily be a team building idea, but it certainly is great for getting the endorphins going and colleagues bonding.
  • Archery: Now here’s an idea that has gotten many colleagues talking about a follow-up team building session. Once again, breaking the team into groups and competing against one another builds camaraderie and a sense of fun, as well as quenching an underlying curiosity about being able to use a bow and arrow. So many people want to try it.
  • River Rafting: It’s tons of fun even for those who don’t enjoy getting wet. Two in a boat and most of them don’t know how to steer, it’s pretty much a given that fun is going to be had while going around in circles. This is one team building exercise that often has people talking about it for months afterwards.

There are so many different team building ideas that staff can do. It doesn’t all have to be about corporate team building in an office environment. There are so many activities that can be done in social settings such as playing charades in restaurants to hot air balloon rides. The coolest team building ideas are the ones that are raised together by the team because each person gets a turn to create the challenge.
Vida Denning is a freelance writer who was researching serviced offices Melbourne when she came across this topic.