Awesome Tips & Ideas To Choose The Best Wedding Florist and Wedding Flowers

Awesome Tips & Ideas To Choose The Best Wedding Florist and Wedding Flowers

After finalizing your dream wedding venue, it’s now time to think which florist to hire and what type of flowers you’ll be using in your wedding. Well, you’re at the right place, I’ll guide you through all the basic things to consider for anything from wedding flowers, a right florist and how to reuse the flowers after the wedding. Let’s go through a step-by-step guidance.

How To Decide on a Right Florist?

Before popping up to even a local london florists, first you should consider how important are flowers to your wedding. This implies on thinking about the part of your venue, you’d need flowers, whether you’re going to go for only the main floral décor or you wish to make it an all-flowers affair.

The next thing is to figure out how much you want to spend. This needs a smart research in advance; getting an idea of the price ranges for variety of flowers you’re going to consider. Although the prices depend on various factors like season, weather, local or imported, you may wish to ask your friends, chat with the pros or someone who’s recently hitched to gather the information.

Yes, now you can think about what style will you love to see at your dream day and start searching for the florist. Compile some ideas, set up the appointments with a few florists who suit your preferences and compare them. Still, if you’re confused, I’ve made some comparisons below to decide a perfect florist for your wedding:

  1. Retail Florist

Retail florists are the ones usually selling simple floral arrangements and bouquets, you’ll find around the street corners. They perfectly fulfill the small orders, but all of them may not be able to accomplish your wedding decorations requirements.

  1. Floral Designer

If you’re planning to have an intimate wedding with upto 300 guests, these floral designers are the best choice for creating bouquets, boutonnieres, exceptional centerpieces and the floral table and chair decorations. You may even rely them to make a customized floral aisle and altar based on your wedding theme.

  1. Full-Service Decorator

If you’ve decided to spend a fortune on floral decorations are planning to have a grand wedding, the most trustworthy would be hiring a professional decorator. These talented professionals help you with the wedding décor, you’ve ever dreamed of transforming in reality. From overall wedding themes to designing floral backgrounds, they are the experts to provide you customized services.

What type of floral design style to choose?

While choosing the floral design style, make sure that it represents you and your wedding perfectly. If you like clean and contemporary look, architectural floral setting will be the greatest choice for your wedding. Sculptural flowers like calla lilies, tulips, orchids, flowers with white and green colors arranged in clear glass vessels etc. are often used in this style.

Tips To Save Money On Wedding Flowers.…

Now that you’re done with the venue, the floral style that suits your wedding theme and a right florist to execute your ideas, it’s time to consider the budget. Keeping on adding new floral ideas may also get your budget up, so follow these simple tips to keep your budget in control:

  • Greens are as pretty as the blooms. Using a lot of fresh flowers can prove to be a costly affair. So, try to use more greens instead of flowers.
  • The seasonal flowers are less costly than the imported and non-seasonal ones. For example, peonies cost more than roses and lilies are expensive than baby’s breath. So, swap your selection of flowers insisting on the cheaper ones without compromising to their fragrance and beauty.
  • Install some non-floral elements such as lanterns, mirrors or crystals and other decorative items to give a beautiful touch to your venue and cut down the floral costs.
  • Try to pick up the flowers available in the season of your wedding, non-seasonal flowers will be hard to obtain and your vendor will be asking to get them from another country, ultimately costing you higher price.

Some Smart Ideas To Rehashing Your Wedding Flowers.….

I’m sure you’re willing to spend a good amount on your wedding floral arrangement to make the destination beautiful and lively. But, have you thought you can salvage and reuse those pretty blossoms and petals even after your wedding if you follow these simple ideas:

  • Take a decorative pot or pouch and add these scented petals and make a potpourri to perfume a room
  • Keeping the flowers in a vase with water or rearranging them as your table centerpieces can help you decorate your home. You may also use those waste flowers giving them as favors to your guests.
  • Turning the flowers and petals into a wedding confetti or into an everlasting wedding bouquet.
  • These flowers can prove to be very useful in the DIY projects like sticking the dried flowers on your scrapbook leaving your wedding memories live for years.
  • Lastly, you can donate those flowers to the organizations who happily pick up and distribute those flowers to the nursing homes, hospitals or the homeless shelters.