Ayurveda Principles: Ease Of Body and Mind

Ayurveda Principles: Ease Of Body and Mind

There is a new trend to have everything natural. This is ecological food in dieting and folk medicine in cosmetology. One of the most popular folk methods to take care about the face and body is Ayurvedic medicine. According to Ayurveda, a man is under the influence of three main elements: wind, fire and water. These elements are out of balance with the climate, family problems, habits, society. For example, the lack of fire causes the neurologic diseases.

Do you have the problems with your health? If you want to know about your inner problems, try to learn your body outside. It is important to watch the hair and skin condition, eyes, tongue, pulse diagnostics. So, the primary task of all cosmetological procedures in Ayurveda is bringing a man into the natural condition of harmony.

You are What You Eat

You can easily spread on your body those things that you can eat with no harm to your organism. All these products are full of the life energy. It can be herbs, spices, flowers, powdered fruits and different kinds of leguminous and herbage meal. The oils are also used: olive, gingili oil, coco oil, oil of almonds, and the mix of herbal oils. Everything that is full of energy is used – water plants, clay, milk, essential oils that are the soul of the plants.

Warmth of Hands

There is an old tradition to use hands for massage. Modern people need more touching. This is an important part of the Ayurveda technics. The master is aimed to give maximum help to the client. The master works on the power-producing points on the body to make you relax, feel better. It is important to admit that apparatus cosmetology cannot give so much love and people-to-people energy that everyone needs. It is influenced with the electric frequencies and ultrasonic vibrations instead. What about love?

Peace of Mind and Balance

Ayurveda procedure helps people to live in harmony. What is harmony? First of all, this is the condition when the mind and body are in peace. The task of the procedure is helping people to live in harmony. You feel happy, want to sing, do something good and give your love to everyone.


The methods of the classical cosmetology are aimed to clean the face with the big number of limitations. Ayurveda do the opposite. You are treated according to the breakouts nature to treat the problem but not the symptoms only. There is also the feet massage to work on the foot points to provide true diagnostics about the patient’s health condition. So, if you want to clean your face at the Ayurveda cosmetologist, never be surprised that the procedure will start from the foot massage. There is a point of it.


Time to Take Procedures

Ayurveda believes that our organism is under the influence of planets, especially the moon influence. So, all the procedures are taken just as the moon says. For example, toxic cleaning, anticellulite procedures are taken at the old moon. The natural cycles of women are also important.

Individual Approach

Ayurveda master choose the herbs individually for your organism and complexion. You can also take all necessary recommendations to keep the healthy diet you need. For example, there are warming and cooling oils. The herbs are also must be taken individually. What is good for one person can be harmful for another one. Again, the same can be said about men and women. The decongestant tea is made individually to drink after the procedure. It is interesting but Ayurveda master invites no more than 4 clients a day to work effectively.

Life Energy

Classic medicine likes vitamins. Ayurveda also likes vitamins to give more life energy. It is said that the fruit or vegetable must be taken fresh, as they are full of energy while they are fresh but not in the form of pills. The same is about food. Again, you are what you eat. If you eat fresh food, it contains more energy. It is also important for the Ayurveda master. Everything must be done with love. The face mask is usually prepared before a couple of hours before the procedure. The procedure is taken under the sounds of music and devotion. Ayurveda cosmetology often uses oils and herbs all together. The oil is connected with the living energy of plants.

Keraleeyam Lake Side Ayurveda Resort, India

Keraleeyam Lake Side Ayurveda Resort is situated in India. This picturesque corner boasts the rich flora and fauna. The resort is situated on the beach line. Keraleeyam Lake Side Ayurveda Resort is more than 70 years old and its Ayurveda experience is huge. The resort service offers different Ayurveda procedures, including the anti-age massage, yoga massage and weight loosing programs.

Pratima Spa, New York, USA

This resort is situated in the North-East part of New York, 20 minutes far from the city center by walking. Pratima Spa is heads by the Ayurveda doctor and author of many books about Ayurveda science. Pratima Raichur gives the consultations to all clients. There are many programs for body care and spiritual development.

Kottakkal Ayurveda Center, Dubai

If you want to fight with the stressed modern world, you should hire a car in Dubai and go to meet the Ayurveda master. Actually, the city is full of SPA-salons. Kottakkal Ayurvedic Centre is placed in the building of New Kuwaiti close to the Al Futtaim church in the district of Deira. This is a place where you can feel the magic of the ancient Ayurvedic recipes. The ingredients for your procedure were taken from India.

The natural ingredients mean the high quality ingredients. Everything that is used in the center must be healthful with no negative effects. The procedures include the number of relaxing herbal massages, stress-relieving programs, oil body and face care, Indian massage. You can also take some treatment here. You are offered top try special massages to relieve from back aches, arrhythmia, acne, headaches, taking your head and spirit to order.