B2B On Facebook, Twitter, And LinkedIn

Although there are now several other social media sites. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are still the major ones that people use to connect with each other.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have different types of people that use them and different ways in which they are used. Although of course there is an overlap and some people will be on more than one, or even all three, they are still probably used in different ways.

For a business at first it may be difficult to get to grips with these differences but once you do then making the most of them as a marketing opportunity will be easier. Many businesses use social media to connect with individual customers and clients, but they can be a useful tool when marketing to other businesses as well. If you are you a wholesaler that sells your product to other businesses, for example, then social media can still help you make the connections you need. Even if marketing to other businesses however you still need to fit in with the general tone of the social media you are using

Here are some tips for how to use these three social media to their best advantage for B2B marketing.

With over a billion users Facebook is far and away the most used social networking site so definitely not one to be ignored. Although it may seem as though its more about families and friends sharing pictures it can definitely still be used for promoting your business if used to its best advantage.

Facebook has an informal tone that if used well can personalise and humanise your business. Show pictures or videos of your employees at work for example, or shots of some community project that your business is involved in. And always make sure that followers are encouraged to interact by giving feedback or commenting. Encourage discussion by responding to comments to keep people engaged.

No where near as many users as Facebook but the ones that do use it tend to be more sophisticated. Many business professionals that may be potential clients have a presence so it could be ideal for your B2B marketing. You can use social media monitoring to find conversations on Twitter that are relevant to your product or service. It is then possible to follow potential clients to see what they are thinking, talking, or concerned about regarding their business needs. You can then target your marketing accordingly.

A social networking site set up specifically for the needs of professionals. This is really the ideal place to market to other businesses and stay connected to them. You can use it easily to profile your company and employees so that  potential trading partners can see who you are and what you do. You can gradually build up a network and then stay in touch by sharing content from your website and having your latest blogs posted directly on your profile. You can join groups related to your product and join in discussions or start your own group where you will get the chance to send messages that keep people informed about your business.

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