Baby Shower Gifts- The More Personal The Better

As you are picking out baby shower gifts, keep in mind that the new mom will need many practical items to care for her new baby.  With that said, the most memorable baby shower gifts are the personal items that the mom will remember and cherish for many years to come.  You can buy clothes, diapers, wipes, and other necessities, but it is nice to couple those items with baby shower gifts that are more personal and memorable.

Some of the most personal baby shower gifts include:

Baby Books

If the new mom is crafty in any way, she will adore the idea of a baby book.  She can craft the book in many different ways including filling in the blanks, pasting in pictures, and adding stickers and other quotes.  If you know the gender of the baby, buy a book that fits.  Otherwise, just use your best judgment based on the tastes of the mom.

Name Embroidery Items

If the new mom has revealed not only the gender, but also the name of the coming baby, you can personalize baby shower gifts with the baby’s name.  These items could be anything from bags and shirts to stitchery items.  There are even companies that make chairs, animals and many other items with name embroidery options.

Custom Embroidered Baby Bedding

Every new mom hopes and prays that their new child will sleep well.  New mothers are often bombarded by stories from other  moms about how sleep deprivation can affect everyday life.  The new mom will have a little extra hope if you give her custom embroidered natural baby bedding.  When the new baby has a comfortable, beautiful, custom place to sleep, the new mom will gain a little confidence in her abilities.

Starter Library

This gift can include books for the new baby as well as books for the mom.  Choose titles that you know will mean a lot to the mom.  If this is her first child, she may like a book that lays out details on how the baby will develop each week.  If she enjoys reading herself, she will likely want to instill that love into the child as well.  Buy board books for the baby with bright colors, animals, and shapes to start his library out right.

Food Gift Basket

“He who takes medicine and neglects to diet wastes the skill of his doctors.”  ~Chinese Proverb
New moms often do not have much time on their hands.  That means sometimes, their own health and diet gets pushed off to the side when they are caring for a newborn.  Give the mom a gift basket filled with trail mix, popcorn, fruits, and other items that are easy to grab and munch as she cares for her new baby.

Cinderella Earrings

If you know that the new baby is going to be a girl, it is fun to buy baby shower gifts that will also be good for the future.  Most little girls will eventually be into princesses including Cinderella.  Once she gets her ears pierced, she will be thrilled to find out that her mom’s friend or relative thought of her and bought her Disney Cinderella Jewelry before she was even born.  These earrings will likely become one of her favorite items and she will likely always remember who gave them to her.

It is a good idea to bring diapers, wipes, and clothes as baby shower gifts, but personal gifts to go along with those items are always welcome.

Martha Marks is a busy mom of two who offers ideas and tips to other parents in terms of gift shopping online. With a little one at home, she knows what gifts are really useful and has some great suggestions on her site