Back To School In Style – First Impressions Count

As summer draws to a close, it is that time of year again and the kids are getting ready for school. A new school year often means a new look for most children. Especially kids who are getting ready to go from one school to a new one. For example, leaving elementary school and moving into junior high, or going from junior high to high school. Here are tips to help your child make a great first impression back to school this year.

Be Fashion Forward
A first impression is key, and your child wants to make an impact this school year. If your child is at the age where they can buy their own cloths, then give them free range to pick out a style that is unique to them. Your child will thank you when they get to school, and they have the opportunity to express themselves fully through fashion.
If your kids are not at the age to buy their own outfits, encourage family involvement by taking them with you to the store and having them pick out a first day of school outfit. Children love being part of the process. When you do this at a young age it helps establish a good sense of values. Children love to feel like they are part of the decision making process. No matter what age they are.
Face Forward
The face is the first thing people will see the first day back at school. Make sure your child’s face is in perfect shape. This means the face is clean and free of dirt or food. But even more important is your child’s smile. Make sure your child’s teeth are clean and properly cared for. If you brush your teeth with your child they are more likely to enjoy caring for their teeth. Make sure they brush their teeth in the morning especially on the first day of school.
You can even pack a toothbrush into your child’s backpack and remind them to brush their teeth after lunch. This will help remove bacteria build up and unwanted food particles. Caring for your teeth is cool, and your children will want to be healthy and happy. Their smile will reflect the attitude of health and they will feel better overall.
If your child is healthy they will smile more and feel better in their skin. Taking care of their health is important especially for back to school.
For more back to school advice on getting clean teeth visit TenderCare Dental, a dentist in Portland. Shannon is a writer for the doctors at TenderCare Dental.