Bali On A Budget

When it comes to the ultimate beach paradise, it’s hard to beat Bali. As Indonesia’s most famous island, this exotic locale is miles away from the ordinary. As easy as hopping on a plane from London’s Heathrow Airport, Bali is the perfect place to escape the rigours of city life and relax in a tropical wonderland.

Bali is a very small island, which means that it’s easy to travel around, and a joy to explore. Most of the island’s activities and attractions are centred around the city of Kuta on the island’s southern tip, and this is where many tourists choose to stay. This vibrant beachside town is home to the best nightlife on the island and tourists enjoy its laid back atmosphere. Kuta Beach is located next to the town and boasts soft sands and postcard picture perfect palm trees.
Prices for accommodation in the city range are suitable for budget travellers, with neighbouring Seminyak offering a selection of more upmarket options.

Adventure seekers have a wealth of activities to choose from. Snorkelling is a popular activity, with tropical reefs lying off the coast of many of Bali’s beaches. Serious snorkelers and scuba divers can take a boat to the areas surrounding smaller islands located on the southeast corner of Bali, for a rich variety of corals and sea life. Hiking along Bali’s rugged coastline or even to its most popular volcano Kintamani are all within reach. Animal enthusiasts won’t want to miss the Bali Safari and Marine Park which is home to zebras, lions, rhinos, orang utans and komodo dragons.

The cultural heart of Bali is located in its centre, with the town of Ubud acting as a good starting point for exploring the region. Here, visitors can view historic buildings and native artwork. On the outskirts of the city are several large ancient temples and monuments available for viewing. Amongst the most popular are Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) and Pura Kehen (Temple Kenen). Bali is one of the few areas of Indonesia that is predominantly Hindu, and their historic buildings and architecture reflect a very distinctive Balinese culture. The centre of the island is a mountainous region that is perfect for hiking and offers tranquil scenery.

Bali has been a favourite tourist destination for decades, so getting around the island as a foreigner couldn’t be easier. The tiny island is well serviced by a combination of buses and bemos (mini buses). Alternatively, private hire taxis are also available for less than £1/km. Independent travellers can take rent motorbikes and scooters to traverse the island for under £10/day.

A mix of tropical paradise, rugged mountainscape and unique culture make Bali the perfect escape. It is like nowhere else in the world, and seems like a dream island made for tourists. Catering to visitors of every budget, a holiday in Bali should be at the top of everyone’s wish list.

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