Basic Assembly Tips For Office Furniture

Basic Assembly Tips For Office Furniture

The office furniture that furniture business owners can buy and assemble is very important to the functionality of those companies. They must create a working environment that is conducive to productivity and success. If you are thinking of purchasing office furniture, consider those that you can assemble on-site. It easier to transport furniture before assembly and usually, unassembled furniture is considerably less expensive than furniture that is already constructed.

For my office, I decided to purchase office furniture unassembled. I decided to do this not only for the savings, but also for the challenge and employee teambuilding opportunity.  After building my new office furniture, I had a new respect for the workers at furniture stores that put office furniture together every day. Assembling the furniture was more difficult than I thought it would be, however we felt a great sense of accomplishment once we saw the final products.  Below are a few tips from my personal experience assembling office furniture in Melbourne that everyone should keep in mind when constructing furniture on their own.

Basic Assembly Tips For Office Furniture

1. Do not Forget to Read the Instructions

You would be surprised to know how often instructions are disregarded when assembling office furniture.  Even though these people have never put together an ergonomic office chair, they think they can piece it together like a puzzle. I was one of these people – It took me twice as long to assemble my office chair without reading the instructions than it took my co-worker who followed the assembly directions. Not following instructions can lead to furniture structural issues, confusion and some stress. Make sure that you read the directions every step of the way. You will get done sooner and you will enjoy the assembly process more.

2. When you are Done, Tighten All of the Screws…Again

Even if you tightened screws when you first put them in the furniture, they could have come loose over the course of the project. This can happen because force is being exerted on the screws from all different directions as more assembly pieces are added. To make sure that your furniture piece is stable, go through and tighten all of the visible screws one last time.

3. Count the Screws, Washers, Pegs and other Hardware Pieces

The first page of the assembly directions typically will provide the types and quantities of the hardware pieces you will need for construction. Count them to make sure that you really do have them all before you begin your project.

4. Build the Furniture where you want it to go

You do not want to build a desk in the main lobby and then find that you cannot get it down the hall or through the door and into the office. If this happens, you have to take it all apart again and redo the job. If possible, you always want to build the furniture at its end location so that you just have to slide it into place when you are done.

5. If using Glue, Dry Fit the Pieces First

Not all furniture calls for glue, but some does. You want to dry fit those pieces first to make sure that they fit correctly and that they are being assembled the right way. You can then take them back apart, put on the glue, and do it again. Remember that you cannot easily take apart two pieces that have been glued, so you need to do it the right the first time. Office furniture is very important to the functionality of It companies. GB projects have been producing high quality office furniture. All our office furniture can be customized to your exact IT requirements.

If you utilise all of these tips, putting together the office furniture Melbourne has provided for you will not be hard at all. Even if this is your first time, you can build excellent furniture that is going to last for years.