Be A Security Superhero With This Masterplan!

Running a business during a recession can be a challenge. Keeping an enterprise afloat can be a struggle and with costs and overheads eating into profits, there is the temptation to cut corners and save as much money as possible.

The one area where costs should never be whittled down, however, is security. It is a sad fact of life that crime rates are on the rise. Unfortunately, business premises are often more prone to becoming targets for criminals than domestic dwellings, as they are perceived to be rich pickings for thieves. The advantage for any new business is that it can start from square one and develop a security plan that can be used and updated as the enterprise grows.

Go beyond the basics
There are some basic security measures that may be a requirement of your insurance policy. However, it is wise to examine security issues that go beyond the basics.

Start by looking at the exterior of the premises. Check that doors and windows are solidly constructed and fitted with deadlocks. If possible, consider fitting security shutters or guards to prevent break-ins or ram raids. Security lighting outside the building should ensure that all areas are well lit. This will not only deter thieves and vandals who don’t want to be seen, but will also keep your staff members safe.
Make sure that entry cannot be gained through the roof space and ensure that any skylights are fitted with deadlocks. Think about installing a CCTV system to monitor the outside of the premises and keep
recordings for a minimum of seven days.

Make an inventory
Inside the premises, make an inventory of all equipment, such as computers, photocopiers and printers. Make sure you include the make, model and serial numbers. Photograph equipment if possible.

Programme emergency numbers into all telephones so that staff can easily call for help if needed and ensure that telephone lines cannot be tampered with in the event of a robbery. If your business handles cash, review cash handling procedures and make sure that cash is only counted away from public areas. Install a safe out of view of main areas, keep it locked and nominate the least number of key-holders possible. Consider using a security firm to transport cash for banking if large amounts are involved.

Review your plan
Consider leaving security lighting on inside the building overnight and look at whether a monitored intruder alarm system might be beneficial.

Once you have these measures in place, make a regular review of your security plan to make sure it meets the needs of your business and staff as time passes.

When setting up a new business, there are many things to consider and security should not be overlooked.

Sophie works alongside All in One, a company who are dedicated to help businesses both new and established find the right security product combination for their needs.