Be The Cool Boss

Be the Cool Boss

Maintaining a comfortable and pleasant work environment for your employees will keep them happy and more productive. Better morale leads to harder workers, which often leads to more revenue for your business. Adding some small perks and comforts for your workers does not require a lot of time or extra money. These can include good office lighting and decoration, well-functioning air conditioner units and prompt computer troubleshooting service when needed.

An Appealing Office Space

Offices that are too dark, colorless and crowded with cubicles can drain employees’ mental energy quickly. Making sure your workspace has plenty of natural lighting and open space will make a noticeable difference in their productivity and enthusiasm about their job tasks. Painting the walls an appealing color, swapping cubicles for open desk arrangements and adding some artwork to the walls are all inexpensive options for creating a comfortable indoor work environment.

Indoor Temperature Levels

Working in an indoor space that is too hot or too cold is a significant and uncomfortable distraction for anyone. If your company is located in an area with hot summers, the heat often decreases your employees’ productivity and morale unless you have a good office cooling system. Quality air conditioner units do not need to cost you a large amount of money. Several types of portable units are inexpensive and energy efficient, which can help you save on your office’s electricity costs. Many of these AC units have multiple temperature adjustments, and they also pull excess moisture out of the indoor air. Keeping the humidity at an optimal level will lower the amounts of airborne bacteria present in your office, which can lead to your employees becoming ill less often and taking fewer sick days.

Good IT Support

One of the biggest barriers to productivity is a non-functioning computer workstation that requires troubleshooting from your IT department or from an outsourced IT company. In either case, professional, efficient and friendly IT technicians can make a big difference in your other employees’ morale. A computer that crashes in the middle of an important project presents a stressful situation, and an IT team that makes it a top priority is an asset to your overall office environment. Investing in IT technicians with both technical knowledge and good communication skills will instill more confidence in your employees that they will always have the tools and resources they need to perform their jobs well.

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